I have ever placed countless comments on many issues essential to our life. However, as I reminisce, I have forgotten to point out one word that is imperative to our future, namely, endurance. Its precise and comprehensive definition needs to be fully comprehended so that this term can be to your advantage because of your implementation of this notion. Perhaps in the wake of garnering a different perception about the term endurance, you may relish a life immune from the encroachment of any difficulty and obstacle that stays ahead of you. 


Life features difficulties and challenges that can possibly defeat us; therefore, we need to know how to keep our mindset robust enough to grapple with this predicament confronted. To this end, our mental discipline, which is founded on our supreme endurance, is the key to our problem faced. But unfortunately, not too many people are aware of the importance of endurance; as a result, they are very likely to be subordinate to those difficulties or obstacles ahead of them. This situation will in turn keep them distant from their intended success on account of the disruption of their courage needed to let them adhere to their original goal. 


On the other hand, the function of endurance can well prevent us from having the eruption of our indignation, followed by our nearly insane actions, such as resorting to violence or committing the crime. Both of them may be detrimental and destructive to our life. In light of this, we have to keep our endurance well sustained in our mind so that we may prevail over any attempt to lose our self-control devastating to our life. To make endurance accessible to us, we need to reconstruct our philosophical concept where no abrupt and aggressive emotional fluctuation will be allowed. Only by having this discipline can we distance ourselves from the encroachment of our furious, irrational behavior. 


Among all the activities is meditation that I believe can help foster our peaceful, harmonious mindset. And simultaneously, our endurance can be made available to us because of the cultivation derived from meditation. With the aid of meditation comes the emergence of our endurance where nothing, especially our impulse, detrimental to our endurance will come into being. That means, meditation can help reshape our intricate mechanisms of thinking and convert it into something simpler, thus greatly diminishing the room for the survival or fermentation of violent or irrational behavior. 


Endurance can pave the way for our perseverance necessary for any objective we wish to accomplish. The fact shows that it is not our inherent intelligence that can determine our final success, but instead it is our perseverance that actually leads to our ultimate success. This is primarily because our inborn IQ can rarely cover our diverse difficulties faced; as a consequence, we have to resort to our perseverance stemming from our endurance to go through our bottleneck. For this reason, endurance is not supposed to be misinterpreted as obstinacy or stupidity. Rather, it should be highly valued by each one of us so that we may become eligible candidates for success. 


With the rise of technology, mental discipline has been understated or even demeaned, for mental discipline is perceived as contradictory to the pursuit of velocity. Thus, people tend to be ignorant or mindless of the importance of endurance. As a result, they tend to turn out to be readily furious, violent, and distracted. This situation, if not well harnessed, may subsequently result in a chaotic mental condition, where both success and peace are not available. Aware of this, we should keep our endurance as our sublime objective to pursue so as to lay the foundation for our success that follows. 




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