The essence of writing 


Characteristically speaking, I am fond of innovating things, rather than conforming to the time-honored rules or stipulations imposed on me, for they will deprive me of the great opportunity to seek myself as well as what I like to do. By the same token, it is my strong and invariable notion that there is nothing I cannot interpret throughout this world. Let me further spell out the very essence of writing so that you may become more conscious of what I put forward above, and of how to live with it in the absence of any fear, which I believe can be detrimental to your learning in the domain of English writing. 


At the initial stage, our interpretive capacity cannot keep pace with our ample mind; as a result, our sense of frustration, disappointment or indignation begins to surface. This phenomenon, if not well dealt with, can obstruct our further pursuit of a much more competent writing skill precisely because of the collapse or decline of our self-confidence as well as exuberant enthusiasm. Given this situation, we are not supposed to have too high an expectation, so we may eradicate our dilemma in the end. That is, we have to take it for granted that our success in prevailing over English writing must be well founded on our progressive achievement that is in desperate need of both patience and perseverance to get the job done. 


As I reminisce, I have to gallantly and modestly acknowledge that whilst studying in the USA, at the initial stage, I had difficulty writing with competence and free will. The reason was that I was not equipped with sufficient discipline in the spectrum of English writing, which is indeed in need of a full-scale drill to make it better. Instead of succumbing to my personal predicament confronted, I embarked on my incessant journey of expedition for what was needed inside my article. As a result, I tried so hard to remedy my loopholes on a piece-by-piece basis, in the absence of any willingness for retreat. This was primarily because I did know that once retreating from what I did, my study career over there would come to an end because of my incompetent and incapable writing skill necessary for the pursuit of my intended master degree in business. This example has sent you a crystal clear message that you are to fail for sure as you first step into the field of English writing, but you are not supposed to give in to the failure faced so that more achievement in English writing can be made available to you.


On the other hand, familiarity can only be made possible by virtue of our more frequent involvement with any specific objective. To make familiarity with English writing available to you, bear in mind that you must remain more active than ever before in terms of dealing with a seemingly unfriendly friend who takes time for you to know him. Under the mechanism of rare contact, a close friend can turn out to be a stranger. As a consequence, we must change the way we perceive the issue of English writing so as to let ourselves better understand how to interact with him with accuracy and less conflict. 


Never will I interpret English writing as an intolerable or undesirable subject, for we may manipulate it with will if we are in possession of a wholesome concept. With this appropriate perception comes our more likelihood to put English writing under our perfect control, followed by our concrete writing skill needed for our better future. For this reason, I have tried by all means today to unravel the essence of English writing to all of you with a view to further enlightening you for your subsequent mission of subduing English writing with ease. 




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