My best friend: English.


It is indisputable that it is a blessing for us to have friends to keep us company. Accompanied by them, our life can be better off because of the probability of making our life more vivid and with more momentum. Among all my friends is English that has its insurmountable position in my mind. Let me enumerate a handful of reasons to espouse my stance. 


English has in effect helped expand my vision that is no longer confined to our own time-honored tradition. Exposed to the western media, I was able to have a much more extensive point of view to assess things that occurred to me. As a consequence, never will I be stranded in my own subjective perspective fatal to my own impeccable judgment. This can be referred to as the best asset ever found as a result of the emergence of English, my friend instrumental to my life. 


English in a way can also assist me in reshaping my personal characteristic, equipping me with a more elegant lifestyle. Perhaps influenced by English songs and books, lots of graceful lifestyles and concepts have been embedded in my mind, advantageous to people’s perception as to who I am. In fact, people tend to be more inclined to get closer to those featuring their elegance which can be symbolic of the exquisiteness of their personality. In other words, better acceptance derived from others can be viewed as another advantage stemming from the existence of English. Moreover, my personal trait more synonymous with that of western people has also made it possible for me to be well accepted as I was engaged in business conference with my foreign business counterparts, another advantage I acquired from English. 


Unfortunately, the vast majority of people start to be conscious of the importance of English by the time they are in the face of either test or job requirement. Under such circumstances, they are more likely to interpret English as a stranger, especially when it is not found necessary. As a result, hardly will they devote all their efforts and energy to comprehending this exquisite friend. Thus, if they can change the way they perceive English, I am quite certain that English will be able to be dissolved into their lifestyle, a treasure to them. Speaking of this, I have to acknowledge that our perspective does play an invincible, most decisive role in what we will turn out to be, deserving to be fully noticed. 


In my view, our life cannot be made complete in the absence of our friends. With this in mind, we have to also remain selective in singling out our friends so that our precious time is not to be wasted. Again, English, unlike other sorts of friends, can be prospective and beneficial to our life by giving us more knowledge that is to our advantage. In particular, it is not to interact with us; thus, we ought to remain even more active in trying to get acquainted with this friend. And the feedback can be very often beyond our original expectation. In light of this, I do hope that you may also define English as your good friend so that it may subsequently benefit you as it did to me before. 





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