My astonishment encountered yesterday昨日令人驚訝的偶遇


Unexpectedly, I had an opportunity to undergo an overwhelmingly impressive experience yesterday. One high school student, who was about to take the college entrance exam after nearly two months, came to Aplus for assistance. Based on my preliminary assessment, he could be referred to as incompetent in the domain of English writing. According to his depiction, he didn’t receive a comprehensive guidance in the aspect of English writing. As a result, he failed to garner a score that could help attain his ultimate goal. Faced with his inferior performance and relatively bad luck, I feel that those of you studying here are truly lucky enough to access all that I have passed on to you to assist you in combating this crucial, imperative exam. 


Overall, the vast majority of students are found not in possession of a long-term point of view. As a consequence, they tend to remain opportunistic and short-sighted, rather than aggressive and far-sighted. Because of this misconception, little can they equip themselves with a competent English writing skill on which they may truly rely in the battle against the upcoming English exam. This explicit, indelible instance has sent us a clear-cut message that you are not worth becoming victimized as they actually did. For this reason, you ought to at once maneuver yourself so well that you may have a destiny varied from that of those unlucky students. 


Writing skill cannot be made available by virtue of a short-term investment of time and energy. Instead, a long-term, patient dedication is a must and precondition prior to your success in prevailing over English writing. That means, preparedness and willingness to confront a series of challenges and obstacles that lie ahead are vital to your success. In particular, your optimistic, unwavering, and uncompromising attitude is the solution to your problem faced. Moreover, espoused by my full-scale instruction, characterized by its feasibility and completeness, you can be confident in the face of your forthcoming challenge. 


It is inevitable that you will be required to take the English exam, and that your evasion can be referred to as unwise and cowardly. What I believe can actually benefit you is your strong determination to confront it with full willingness and greater anticipation. That means, it is through the emergence of your robust mindset that you may succeed in achieving your ultimate goal. With the change of your mental attitude comes more likelihood of your final success you long to have. With this in mind, those points indicated above, inclusive of long-term perspective, willingness and preparedness, must be engraved in your mind so that you are not to turn out to be a loser at length in taking the college entrance exam. 




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