Live in harmony with English


Intricate and arduous sometimes, English makes many students feel depressed when they are unable to prevail over English in the course of their learning. However, this provisional phenomenon should not be interpreted as a pretext to let you retreat. Instead, you ought to remain even more flexible in terms of your mindset desperately needed to be solidified in order that you may ultimately subdue English. That is, you have to know how to live in harmony with English so that your driving force to explore this exotic language can remain vibrant. 


Just perceive English vocabularies as your friends with whom you may readily get familiar via the mutual interaction. That means, you may increasingly comprehend how to put English at your mercy through your interwoven relationship and frequent involvement with it. But ironically, many students, unfortunately, are found hostile to English and thus misinterpret learning English as a compulsory activity. This phenomenon, insofar as I know, is to in turn erode their momentum desperately needed in the battle against English. Thus, to well eradicate your obstacles in the course of learning English, you ought to regard English as a friend, rather than a stranger or an undesirable partner, as the initial step to get the job done. 



Anything with value must be well founded on a time-consuming mechanism, which means that time accumulation must be taken for granted prior to contemplating your wanted success. Thus, rather than holding a short-sighted point of view, you are strongly recommended to take into account possessing a long-term perspective to enable yourself to master English. Any inclination contradictory to this conception will be detrimental to the development of your learning. Speaking of this, the way you perceive English must be further amended provided you are equipped with a strong aspiration to have quick success. With the alteration of your attitude comes your more probability of success.    


Perhaps you are not fully content with what you have accomplished this far for your English ability. If so, those points addressed are truly worthy of your careful consideration. Providing fully implemented, those points may help usher in a crucial turning point that you long to have. They consist of a long-term point of view, and of viewing English as a friend you may become acquainted with via your devotion. Also, I am quite certain that if you can put into effect those points highlighted above, a much more prospective learning effect can be within your reach without doubt. 





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