Humans are composed of numerous characteristics, among which is obstinacy that I abhor most. The reason is that not merely will obstinacy deprive us of the access to objectivity and ration, but also enormously undermine our relationship with others. Despite the fact that obstinacy, to some extent, may well reflect our personal inclination, preference or determination, we are not supposed to be impaired by our obstinacy in facing our life. To make you better understand why obstinacy could be detrimental to you, more manifestation will be provided in the paragraphs that ensue. 


It is unquestionably true that obstinacy can pose a threat to our harmonious relationship with others, in that our stubbornness, if not well harnessed or removed, may keep others distant from us. As a consequence, we may wind up being isolated and even marginalized to such a great extent that we may feel helpless and hopeless in the absence of support we desperately need. Again, anything constructive must be buttressed by those surrounding us or involved in doing something together with us. Thus, our obstinacy is very likely to hamper our perfect collaboration with them to get the job done. Aware of this situation, rarely should we locate any pretext to defend our own obstinacy in dealing with others. 


What is more, obstinacy may negatively affect our lifestyle and quality. That is, this potentially detrimental element is to let us have less flexibility in terms of selecting things or even activities for ourselves. For example, many people suffering from the deterioration of kidney have been found equipped with an obstinacy of drinking soft drinks, featuring their ingredients of chemical stuff fatal to the health of kidney. Irrespective or negligent of the potential damage derived from our adamant obstinacy, we may keep ourselves stranded in a myriad of undesirable situations as shown above. 


Overall, obstinacy, as what has been indicated above, can be viewed as detrimental to our life, inclusive of having a negative repercussion upon our relationship with others, along with the decline of our life quality or health. Aware of this consequence, we are not supposed to keep seeing its existence in our daily life. What we actually have to do is eradicate this inferior trait so that we may access a lifestyle which is more wholesome and instrumental to us, and which is immune from the encroachment of obstinacy. 





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