Deal with monotony of studying English


Like many subjects, English writing has its unique components, very likely to result in students’ sense of monotony. This situation, if disregarded, may do the damage to your further pursuit in the infinite spectrum of English writing. For example, as a result of the emergence of sense of boredom, many students begin to distance themselves from English writing practice, or diminish their time of devotion to the expedition of this subject. Either one will engender their undesirable outcome, an inferior score for English writing test. To prevent yourself from becoming victimized like this, you ought to know how to deal with the sense of monotony while seeking your English writing skill. 


Locate the source of happiness as the cornerstone desperately needed to deal effectively with English writing. For example, some specific pronunciations or sentence structures may give rise to certain special effect, the function of which may keep you well inspired and motivated in the course of pursuing your personal goal. In my case, when dealing with the term metamorphosis, I begin to contemplate another word called “metal” that seems somewhat similar to the beginning element of “metamorphosis.” Thus, memorizing this vocabulary, metamorphosis, is not to be quite arduous, but instead imbued with lots of fun. By the same token, many phenomena like such may be put into effect to bring forth a similar outcome. 


Hold a prospective perspective in order that you will be fully willing to devote yourself to the task of learning English writing. Immersed in such a far-sighted vision, you may tend to become more adamant in seeking your ultimate goal - where a competent English writing skill is a must for your future job position. Buttressed by this great concept as a momentum for you to eradicate the monotony derived from your study, you, undoubtedly, will have less likelihood to be stranded in a monotonous situation. Again, this philosophical and analytical thinking will play a pivotal role in further augmenting your English writing skill. Thus, this concept must be deeply inscribed in the depth of your heart. 


Interpreting English writing as a building block, a device for having fun, is another way to obliterate the emergence of monotony fatal to your further development in this domain. Game, on the whole, is more likely to be well accepted when contrasted with learning English. Thus, provided we may alter the way we perceive English writing, we may possess a vibrant aspiration in dealing with English writing. Under such circumstances, there will definitely be no room left for the fermentation of monotony as we are involved in learning English writing. 


To cope with the task of English writing with the maximum efficiency, we cannot afford to remain negligent of the importance of eliminating the sense of monotony. This is primarily because it may take away our momentum of learning. In light of this, those imperative points raised above deserve to be fully comprehended and subsequently implemented at length. They comprise prospective perspective, positive interpretation for English writing as a game, and finding the source of pleasance in the course of learning. All of them, if fully executed, may be instrumental to your further development in the realm of English writing.  





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