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To be frank with you, I have no idea how many articles I have ever written this far. But some of my opinions as to how to tackle the issue of writing can be of great inspiration to you. My reason is that writing activity is the one in need of lots of tactics and wholesome concepts to get the job done. Thus, the concepts relevant to writing skill I am going to pass on to you have their value and are absolutely worth your full attention - provided you don’t want to end up becoming an inferior learner in the infinite spectrum of English writing. 


Momentum, something that can serve as a vehicle for my ongoing expedition, was the element absolutely needed prior to the start of my writing activity. That is, to enable us to remain energetic in coping with English writing, we have to first locate what can constitute our momentum indispensable to our further development. My momentum was actually derived from a concept that more efforts made are more likely to lay the foundation for our superior English writing skill envied by others. Perhaps due to my inborn characteristic, I like to be acclaimed by others, instead of being looked down upon by them. This philosophy could in effect keep my enthusiasm toward writing incessantly thriving, to such a great extent that rarely can I find any reason to discontinue this activity. 


Another finding is that be ready to encounter some undesirable things in the process of writing, such as monotony, setback caused by your unfamiliarity with how to write effectively, and sense of disappointment stemming from the poor result. Those events, if not well confronted, may in turn give rise to your retreat from writing or disruption of your personal confidence. In light of this, too much expectation, especially at the initial stage, is counterproductive to you, thus in desperate need of your full awareness. To help eradicate this tedious feeling, here is what I recommend to you. Namely, rather than interpreting it as a learning activity, you may perceive it as a game, something that is not that serious and official. Only by doing this can you keep your aspiration of writing from declining. 


Take it for granted that English writing is vital to your future prospect. With the emergence of this great conception comes your stronger determination to accept the fact that there is no way you can deny it. As a consequence, any attempt to stay away from dealing with English writing is to vanish on account of the change of your perspective for your perception. The fact shows that acceptance is far better than reluctance. The reason is that the latter may extinguish our burning desire when reluctance prevails over our acceptance. 


It has always been my prime concern as to how I can contribute substantially to my students’ English writing skill. Those points highlighted above can be instrumental to you provided well taken into consideration by each one of you. Your conspicuous change, added with progressive improvement, will come into being for sure in the wake of your reading them. I am earnestly looking forward to your enormous change based on your full implementation of what has been indicated above. 





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