Analyze your drawback


Imbued with countless problems within our lifespan, such as academic career, job career, marital issues, etc., we ought to be conscious of how to analyze our drawbacks so as to be able to eradicate our problems. Mindless of those defects we possess, we may possibly end up becoming fruitless in finding the solutions to our problems faced. By the same token, this conception was found able to be put into effect in the course of grappling with the campaign of your pursuit in the domain of English writing. 


“Tearing apart” strategy, though ambiguous to many of you, must be fully implemented in order that a full-scale improvement can be made possible. This concept simply means that you have to contemplate, at the initial stage, what constitutes an article. Overall, a superior article is composed of a coherent framework of story or a statement, valuable sentences, representative vocabularies, and phrases. With their participation comes a flawless presentation that can be regarded as good enough to help garner a satisfactory score in the end. 


But ironically and unfortunately, many students are found incapable of expeditiously embarking on a coherent story. This dilemma, if disregarded, is to dismantle the foundation of your quality essential to the evaluation of what you write, curbed by your failure to extend your depiction. For this reason, you have to learn how to make yourself able to come up with something easier for you to further delve into. Again, a good building must be well founded on its skeleton, which also can be referred to as the very foundation of a good article. 


Equally important is that sentences employed inside your article must be scrupulously selected. The reason is that the sentences used can stand for your quality, which is an invariable principle desperately needed for a superior article. With this in mind, you have to start to accumulate and gather those sentences in advance of the advent of English writing exam. If not, the exquisiteness of your article won’t be able to be fully exhibited. 


Furthermore, collect a series of vintage vocabularies, rather than adhering to specific description of the story. The fact shows that the vast majority of students are very likely to be stranded in their inability to portray things to the fullest, thus unveiling their inferiority in description. This predicament stems primarily from their inaccurate strategy implemented. To counter this problem faced, you are highly encouraged to generalize your statement by merely using those vocabularies made available beforehand. Only by doing this can you avoid exposing your inferior descriptive capability fatal to your desired score. 


Phrases, though not absolutely decisive in determining your final score, hold the same weight as opposed to those elements indicated above. Their emergence will make it possible for your article to demonstrate its vividness and elegance. Hence, another task that must be completed is the pursuit of a handful of phrases that can be put into effect between the lines. With the aid of your articulate phrases singled out in advance, the quality of your article can be enormously elevated as expected. 


Overall, people are declined to reassess what they have done, for it may tend to deny themselves and to be time-consuming, thus making it undesirable amongst people. However, reassessment may grant us another gate to find out who we really are and where our potential problems exist. In light of this, we are supposed to be very willing to engage in our own analysis with a view to making our writing skill even more persuasive and with relatively high evaluation. 





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