It is indisputable that we are not willing to do something contradictory to how we perceive ourselves. Perhaps this situation stems from our inherent inclination to seek what is called protection. However, this impulse, if overly employed, may well give rise to our obstinacy that can be fairly unacceptable to others. Indeed, our obstinacy, though able to superficially demonstrate our personal individuality, very often is also indicative of our stupidity, in that we are reluctant to accept others’ more objective viewpoints. As a consequence, we may end up being blockaded in terms of expanding our vision. As a result, while you are in the course of having your own metamorphosis to become even more mature among people, to say no to your obstinacy is absolutely needed. And that is why I singled out this topic for my lecture today.


Obstinacy, in a way, can be exceedingly emotional, which makes us more likely to remain adamant in sticking to what we want to do or how we assess things. Because of the very emergence of this peculiar element, objectivity can be exiled as our subjectivity prevails over objectivity featuring a much more rational, unbiased thinking mechanism. Anything unfounded on objectivity may in turn spawn our obstinacy, followed by our stupidity that can be enormously condemned by others. This is primarily because the way we do is associated with too much personal judgment, rather than analyzing things on an objective basis. 


Additionally, obstinacy may keep others, even including our family members or closest friends, turning their backs to us. The reason is that they may possibly perceive us as someone hard to communicate with. No matter how persuasive they are, we are not to take into account their proposals raised, putting an end to their sense of hope for mutual communication. Any society, regardless of what it is, must be well founded on the possibility of mutual communication as a means to remove what is called conflict or dispute. Provided we blockade the opportunity of mutual communication as a result of our obstinacy, being rejected and isolated is a predictable derivative.  


Overall, obstinacy can be referred to as an undesirable radical mindset, which I believe can pose a threat to our human relationship and better performance. Knowing that it may be detrimental to our further development in terms of our popularity among people, we have to distance ourselves from this element of potential crisis. So, rather than remaining obstinate, we have to highly value rational attitude as a means to be adored and better accepted by others. And this is the very message I long to pass on to you today. 




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