Find your own way


Confronted with what is called mainstream, we may very likely lose sight of the importance of locating our own way. This is because of the overwhelming power stemming from the mainstream widely recognized by the vast majority of people. As a consequence, we may possibly become distracted as we are in pursuit of our own ultimate goal, posing a threat to more likelihood of our success on account of losing our focus. Thus, today let us switch our focus to the realm of how to find your own way to keep you staying on the right track, rather than being engulfed into the abyss of mainstream where our individuality is to be totally devastated. 


Inclined to avoid having a direct confrontation with arduous tasks, we may contemplate being closely tied to some sanctuary such as mainstream to keep competitive advantage accessible to us. This inherent attribute must be annihilated provided you intend to pursue an exceedingly successful life career. The reason is that nowadays the key to our success must be well founded on what is called creativity. This peculiar, priceless apparatus can further ensure that we are not to be superseded by anyone else simply in that we have our creativity to keep us invincible and valuable amongst people. Undoubtedly, following the mainstream may expeditiously grant us a provisional security or superficial achievement; however, the total disruption of our personal individuality as well as utmost value will come into being, thus making following so-called mainstream not worth our full implementation. 


Vastly more important is that only with the aid of our personal interest can our persistence remain thriving enough to pave the way for our ultimate success. On many occasions emerge our blindness of following others’ footsteps. This situation will subsequently give rise to our unwillingness to dedicate ourselves fully to what we do, because of the discontinuity of our incentive that must be well founded on our interest. The fact shows that many students fail to adhere to their expedition for their major as a result of the collapse of their interest in what has been imposed on them. Following this undesirable situation, more investment of time will be needed to identify what is best suited to them in terms of their life career. As a result, there is a desperate need for us to highly value our unbiased interest as our beacon for our life career. 


Indeed, life can be referred to as somewhat short, thus not able to provide us with too much room for our stupidity and obstinacy. That means, we cannot afford to keep our selves stranded in our repetitious errors that can in effect do the damage to our life career. In light of this, we ought to know how to find our own way from the perspective of interest and the avoidance of mainstream. Only by doing this can we ensure that we may relish a successful life career in the absence of any distraction and prejudice. That is why I put forward those points above with a view to making you better comprehend how to find your own way at length. 




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