Let us have a different glance at how important it is for structure and grammars to play a pivotal role in the spectrum of English writing. 



Indeed, in grappling with our task of learning how to write more effectively in English, we may become mindless of the importance of structures that tend to be somewhat intricate and thus undesirable to us. To enable all of you to become even more competent in English writing, I find it absolutely necessary for me to lead all of you to confront sentence structures with a much more positive attitude so as not to be badly affected by your inferior structural concepts fatal to your writing capability. With this in mind, let us start by changing the way we perceive the very attribute of sentence structure as a solution to our writing problem faced. This way, we may gradually annihilate our perplexity toward how to organize sentences in a precise, accurate mechanism. Again, perhaps misled by some instructors who pay heed to simple, unreliable and ineffective practice, numerous students lose sight of the importance of applying accurate structural concepts to their task of English writing. 


Again, I tend to refer to myself as someone who is characterized by his problem-solving manner. Buttressed by this great conception, I may look straight into the core issue of the problem involved prior to the emergence of solution. With this in mind, you also ought to bear this in mind so that you may more rapidly reconstruct your skills desperately needed for your anticipated result. Thus, our perceptive change does play a decisive role in determining whether you are fully eligible to access a competent English writing skill. So, instead of being persistent in sustaining your previous inaccurate learning methodology, you are highly recommended to take into account following my concept addressed above. Your compliance with what I have addressed above can be to your advantage in the battle against the difficulty of English writing. 





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