The wind of tomorrow will continue to blow.


If asked whether you ever underwent some setbacks in the past, you would probably answer by saying “yes.” This remark clearly indicates one thing fairly imperative to us in terms of how to confront our future challenges ahead of us. Indeed, in dealing with our life, we cannot afford to fall short of one apparatus indispensable to our intended success. For example, very often we may possibly encounter a variety of difficulties that may in turn make us nearly collapse in terms of our determination and relentless personal pursuit. As it turns out, we may end up forgetting the fact that the wind of tomorrow will continue to blow through our face. 


The topic highlighted above, in other words, is symbolic of lots of optimism as well as perseverance that can help constitute our incessant quest in the absence of any substantial retreat. Only by having this great learning mechanism can we undergo our setback with a sturdy attitude that will ultimately make a difference for our better future. To some extent, I am fully convinced that both failures and obstacles are peculiarly designed by almighty God to substantiate our eligibility to relish the final success. 


Another inspiration derived from the above-mentioned statement is the sense of hope that really matters to us. That means, this good concept, if fully employed, may make us feel exuberant in facing each different day with more sense of anticipation and aspiration. Unfortunately, a myriad of people are more willing to engage in repetitious contemplation as to what they have done before and how they failed previously. This involvement may likely let them be assaulted by both frustration and even melancholy, widely known as fatal to human’s health. 


Indeed, our past, when weighed against our future prospect, seems by far less significant in terms of our personal pursuit. This does not lie in our discrimination against the importance of the past featuring the lesson we have learned before, but instead in its waste of time and energy. That is, how we act for our future plays a more pivotal role in resulting in our final success. For this reason, just let the wind of tomorrow continue to blow through our face, which I believe in a way may bring us to a world replete with greater expectation and optimism. 




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