Throw your poor English ability to the garbage can


What we had gone through yesterday, in a way, can be interpreted as useless and pointless in determining what we are going to do tomorrow. This concept, if positively grasped, can be of great assistance to us in maneuvering ourselves to such a great extent that our energy necessary for today and tomorrow can be abounding. Today, this article is particularly aimed at making all of you fully aware of how to perceive your incompetent English ability or learning predicament so that you may turn a new page for your upcoming task of learning English. 


Stranded in our own dilemma, we may possibly lose sight of how important it is to become mindless of our previous setbacks on account of our inaccurate or inappropriate learning mechanism. At this point, there is a desperate need for us to reconstruct ourselves by throwing away our impression of inferior English performance in the past. Only by doing so can we remain confident in facing our own remaining task of learning in such a good way that previous fiasco can never intimidate us again. For example, provided we are still hooked by our ex-lover, hardly can we move forwards with full energy and much more promising prospect. 


Forgetting our past completely can keep us from the relentless encroachment of former dreadful experiences as well as terrible memory featuring pessimism. Moreover, distancing ourselves from the undesirable past will more likely pave the way for our full willingness to adopt a totally distinctive learning methodology and attitude. For example, moving to a totally new setting, we may become somewhat more energetic in facing our life activities. This situation can be further evidenced by high school students’ strong unwillingness to choose the college situated in their own hometown. The precise reason is that they are fed up with the same environment and thus look forward to having a brand new setting to embark on a totally varied lifestyle they long to have. 


Forgetting the past does not showcase our irresponsibility. Instead, it is conspicuously indicative of strong impetus to eradicate our original concept of our own inability that is considered detrimental to our future metamorphosis. In other words, with the emergence of this peculiar conception comes our more incentive to figure out what needs to be conducted for our remaining task. Many students, badly influenced by their provisional setback or time-honored inappropriate learning methodology, fail to become optimistic in facing their forthcoming task of learning English. This stereotype concept, if not eliminated, is to hamper their ongoing learning efficiency. Thus, I brought forth this imperative concept in the hope that none of you is to remain inactive in taking a new measure to make a huge difference for your English ability. 





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