Never succumb to the setting-no matter how arduous it is.


Life is sometimes contradictory to our original anticipation, and even worse it may be replete with lots of excruciating experiences, such as financial crisis, ordeal of learning, and so forth. Thus, if not equipped with robust fortitude, we are likely to be stranded in our predicament and find it hard to move forwards. For this reason, rather than being subject to the tortures and difficulties ahead of us, we ought to very well maneuver ourselves and equip ourselves with such a great strength that we may prevail over them. 


Setting is not always as desirable as what we think it should be. This is primarily because there are so many factors that could undermine our initial objective. As a result, we have nothing but our mental strength to undergo those ordeals particularly arranged by God to testify our eligibility for success. Only with the aid of our unwillingness to give in to our difficulties faced can we make success accessible to us. That means, our unwillingness to surrender to the harsh setting is decisive in determining our final success. 


Nowadays, our youths tend to be overly shielded by those sanctuaries offered by their parents; as a result, they tend to be relatively susceptible, especially when they are confronted with setbacks. This situation stems directly from parents’ excessive protection that in turn deprives their children of the opportunity to become fully independent. Under such circumstances, what really matters is their readiness to counter their problems on their own, rather than calling for help from their parents, so as to eradicate the fermentation of reliance that will lead to their vulnerability.


The fact shows that the educational mechanism implemented in Europe lays stress upon teaching students how to survive since their childhood. Its aim is to cultivate their independent attribute to prevent them from being too fragile to tackle their own lives. This great system will make it possible for them to be able to counter their own problems faced, instead of relying heavily on their parents. By contrast, our youths, featuring their excessive reliance upon their parents, always call for help or assistance from their parents as they are involved in a car accident or any other trivial event. This stark contrast explicitly unveils the fragility of our youths, the emergence of which may impair their mental development, not to mention the adaptability needed for their future survival. With this in mind, there is a desperate need for us to fully comprehend how imperative it is for us not to yield to our setting ahead of us, regardless of how difficult it is. 


It seems inevitable for us to encounter countless difficulties that could possibly encumber our ongoing pursuit for our ultimate goal. Fully aware of this, we are supposed to count on our perseverance and unwillingness to submit to them so that our success can be made available to us. And that is why, inside this article, I addressed those viewpoints above with a view to making you closer to your intended success. 





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