Turning point 


Within our whole lifespan are there so many things worth our full attention. Among all of them, in my view, is turning point that is deemed most imperative to us. Its emergence can play a pivotal role in determining whether we are to succeed as expected. However, a host of students are inadvertently mindless of the importance of turning point. As a consequence, they fail to accomplish their ultimate goal. For this reason, let me further account for why we have to perceive our turning point in such a good way that we are not to lose our competitive advantage. 


Things, on the whole, can be categorized into two major sectors: significant and insignificant ones. Turning point, which is equipped with a decisive element, can be classified as the former. If we neglect the latter, perhaps the impact caused is not to be overwhelmingly imperative. However, the former can give rise to an enormous repercussion upon us, including our life quality or future. For example, your upcoming college exam can have a profound impact upon your accessibility to those talented students and outstanding professors who may empower you in your future job career. Thus, how you undergo your current situation is the turning point as the prerequisite for your final success in entering an ideal college where you may subsequently fulfill your dream. In light of this, when encountering your turning point, you ought to remain scrupulous in going through this stage to ensure that you are not to end up having a fruitless outcome. 


A turning point means that we may have access to numerous resources and situations to our personal advantage, making it possible for us to conduct our tasks with more support and a better setting. However, this period of time seems ephemeral; therefore, you have to remain vigilant in locating your own turning point to act accordingly so that your competitive advantage can be made available. With this in mind, rather than remaining reckless for your turning points to come, you are strongly recommended to remain sensitive enough to confront your opportunity of availing yourselves of crucial turning point to lay the foundation for your intended success. 


As I explicitly highlighted above, our turning point, powerful enough to make a huge difference for what we do, is so momentous that by no means should we remain imprudent when facing it. On the contrary, we are supposed to remain alert when our turning point comes so that all the necessary steps can be well taken to pave the way for our desired success. 





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