A prolific writer 


Detesting employing exactly the same teaching material, I am determined to avail myself of the new teaching material for my students. This stems primarily from my opposition to repetition that does not have any trait of innovation. As a result, regardless of how hectic I am, I always allocate some time to engage in writing my articles on a regular basis. Because of this peculiar perception and inclination toward teaching, a prolific writer has emerged in the community of teaching English. 


Whenever I have a glance at my former “masterpieces”, I was stunned to see the diversity of the articles, capable of showcasing my dynamic enthusiasm toward what is called writing. Interestingly enough, sometimes even though I wrote the same topic, the contents involved still had their distinctive attributes, which truly made me totally astounded sometimes. This illustration has also enabled me to become cognizant of one thing: Things can be perceived and interpreted from countless perspectives to make us even closer to what is called objectivity featuring diversity as the source of our persuasiveness, rather than subjectivity found not convincing enough.  


On the other hand, the speed involved tends to be another element that deserves to be depicted further so that all of you may well grasp why I raised this point. In a society laying stress upon so-called expeditious, efficient performance, a slow-paced writing style is not recommended, for it does not meet the requirement to be imposed on you. For instance, during the exam, you have to submit your article within a relatively short period of time, an arduous task provided you have not gone through a thorough, full-scale discipline. Thus, you have to know how to cultivate your own fast-paced, quick reactive capacity good enough to grapple with this predictable task awaiting you now or later. 


More involvement, I strongly believe, may help accumulate our more sophisticated writing skill necessary for our future challenges ahead of us. This remark explicitly symbolizes the concept that our familiarity with writing can be augmented by virtue of our full implementation of writing practice. Little should we pay heed to what people often call “ingenious cells” needed for writing. Rather, we should adhere to our incessant incentive and ongoing quest to lay the foundation for our exquisite writing skill that can in effect garner others’ better recognition. Given this point, our ceaseless efforts to reshape our own writing skill are the key to our intended success in the realm of writing. 


Though unable and ineligible to serve as a perfect paradigm for you in the spectrum of English writing, I don’t fear using my authentic life experience as a catalyst to help impel your great potential as well as accelerate the fermentation of your greatest enthusiasm toward writing. Once able to conduct your more regular writing activity, from which you may locate your own writing problems encountered, you are to be able to prevail over English writing for certain. Speaking of this, maybe it is high time that you thought of being another prolific writer to lay the groundwork for your competent writing skill desperately needed by each one of you. 





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