My expectation from you


Unless irresponsible for and mindless of your academic performance in the spectrum of English, I have to impose my personal criteria upon you with a view to beholding your more solid English ability. In light of this, conveying my personal expectation from you can be something that can help shed light on you in the course of your learning English. Perhaps what I will do can keep you from being disoriented as you are in pursuit of a good command of English ability deserving to be envied by others.  


My first message to you is: Trust yourself. Whatever obstruction, you have to be able to distance yourself from what is called apprehension, an obstacle to your learning activity. That means, never should you let anything intimidate you so greatly that your confidence in yourself as well as your infinite potential is to be disrupted. Thus, in the battle against any worry that could possibly erode your confidence vital to your learning, you have to be courageous enough to defeat all the difficulties specially tailored by God to substantiate whether you are fully entitled to relish so-called success. So, rather than remaining fragile, being robust and adamant in your mindset can be referred to as a prerequisite for your intended success at length. 


Another point is that detesting yourself is what you need to become outstanding among people. This scarce theory or philosophy, while first heard of, can sound somewhat eccentric and unprecedented to you. Nevertheless, if you have an in-depth perception about what I addressed, you may fully comprehend why I adhere to and hold dear this concept. In fact, we tend to accept ourselves or even forgive ourselves, for rarely will people consider self-destruction or self-trauma as their dogma when going through each day. But never forget that your insatiable manner toward your status quo can be the very source of your incentive to keep ameliorating yourself to the fullest. Driven by your dissatisfaction with yourself, you are to have more aspiration to make yourself better than ever before. Impelled by this great catalyst, so much more of your learning in the domain of English can be eventually achieved. 


I have to acknowledge that little am I interested in my tactics in making my pupils more adept at learning English. On the contrary, what interests me most is how to keep a positive learning philosophy well inscribed in their mind. Only by doing so can they always feel declined to remain stagnant or sluggish in their learning. And that is why I wrote this article with a view to making all of you right here become enthusiasts in the expedition of the world of English. 




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