Ongoing metamorphosis


If asked what constitutes the value of life, I would no doubt reply by saying: ongoing metamorphosis. What, from my standpoint, is fatal to our vibrant energy for life lies in our sense of monotony featuring its shortage of variation. Fully aware of this situation, I’d like to unravel the unique property of the term ongoing metamorphosis with a view to making you better understand its function toward our life.


With the emergence of our ongoing metamorphosis comes our full energy needed to trigger our momentum toward our life. In other words, this peculiar element, ongoing metamorphosis, can keep our spirit remarkably exuberant because of the sense of evolution and avoidance of repetition for what we do. And because of this reason, we are to look forward to what is going to occur next, making our mechanical lifestyle inundated with infinite surprise as a way for us to remain enthusiastic toward our life. From this specific but easy-to-understand perspective, let me conclude by saying that those devoid of incessant transformation are more likely to interpret their life as rigid and monotonous, as a result. This is absolutely not worth our imitation. 


Numerous renowned companies eventually faded away, which was caused by their inability to adhere to their ongoing metamorphosis. This phenomenon seems to send us a crystal clear message that never should we feel complacent in having our own current achievement and remain mindless of the essence and importance of ceaseless changes. That means, our discontentedness can be referred to as the only way to keep us from being ruthlessly phased out because of our stagnancy, added with others’ continuing improvements. In other words, once equipped with our relentless efforts to make a huge difference for ourselves, we are less likely to give way to our rivals. Given this situation, we have to remain closely linked to our ongoing metamorphosis as one of the best devices to keep our competitive advantage from declining. 


Perhaps due to our inborn characteristic, we may tend to remain happy with what we have this far achieved, as an impeccable way to compensate ourselves and have a better relief of tension and stress derived from our tasks imposed on us. However, if going too far, we may end up ignoring the importance of ongoing metamorphosis to look into the future. As a consequence, not merely will we be fed up with our mechanical lifestyle in the absence of excitement and vividness, but we may also turn out to be less competitive, which may pave the way for our inferiority. Knowing this situation, let us highly value the term ongoing metamorphosis and let it function so well in our life that we may enjoy a better life we deserve to have.  





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