To make success available to us, we are likely to engage in many expeditions necessary for our wanted success. However, searching for tactics alone does not definitely guarantee our desired outcome; we are in need of a peculiar trait, namely, perseverance, to get the job done. Today, let us try to focus on the term perseverance, the finding of which can be of great inspiration to you in the course of your learning. 


Perseverance, stemming from our mental power, can trigger our physical strength to do something that could be beyond our original willingness. Backed by this great source of our momentum, we will possibly end up having more aspiration to accomplish our ultimate goal. It is foreseeable that whatever objective, we may inevitably encounter a variety of setbacks derived from our being unable to be impeccable. At this particular moment, our perseverance, a catalyst for our next step to be taken, may well prevent us from having any desire to retreat from what we are engaged in. Indeed, should we take a look at the issue from a cost-effective perspective, this great device, if fully implemented, may help prevent many unnecessary costs as a result of our discontinued projects. 


Perseverance, in my view, can be referred to as a prerequisite needed for our intended success. Anything in the absence of ordeal or dedication normally does not possess its enormous value. This is precisely because no delicacy and complexity can be made possible without the participation of time-honored devotion considered the key to our metamorphosis prior to the advent of our wanted success. But unfortunately, the irony is that the vast majority of youths today are declined to make use of their perseverance, for they do know that they have to undergo lots of arduous moments needed to testify their mental or physical strength. Under such circumstances, they are very likely to withdraw from what they wish to pursue and embark on another pursuit that can make them immune from the involvement with what I call perseverance. Inevitably, this deed is to make them less unlikely to be accessible to their wanted success. 


On the occasion where IQ does not serve as a decisive determinant for our success, our perseverance can become what we can count on. Our adherence to the last moment of our dedication can make us good enough to prevail over our rivals who crave for any opportunity to let us give way to them. Given this point, we are supposed to perceive perseverance as another great apparatus that can accompany us to go through numerous metamorphoses desperately needed for our ultimate success, rather than as something undesirable to us. With the aid of this wholesome concept comes more likelihood for our wanted success. 




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