Expand your tentacles 


It is undeniable that we are exposed to lots of stress and tension considered detrimental to our life quality. To counter this problem faced, we ought to locate our solution with a view to keeping us on the right track. Among all the feasible solutions to our tension and stress is the expansion of our tentacles that I have found most efficient in eliminating these two negative elements. For this reason, let me account for why we must turn to expanding our tentacle as a way to enrich our life.


Bombarded by our repetitious daily activities imposed by others or ourselves, we may end up placing too much emphasis upon something specific. Aa a consequence, too much concentration upon certain things may possibly give rise to the source of our stress, for we are not able to stop thinking about something that disturbs us. For this reason, we have to do something that can make us somewhat distracted so that our preoccupation can be gradually and appropriately reduced. Only by doing this can we ensure that too much focus is not to do the harm to our life quality or health. This benefit can be evidenced by having a glimpse at the life of president of the United States of America. That is, the president, whether he likes it or not, is to be required to have a short-term vacation to keep himself in good shape, both mentally and physically. 


More knowledge and experiences are to be piled up for sure provided you genuinely expand your tentacles. The fact shows that people tend to pay tribute to those equipped with much more knowledge and experiences, and that these crucial points are often regarded as the determinant for a person’s value among people today. Based on this assumption and argument, we may conclude that expanding our tentacles is to in turn make us better accepted among people, and to let our personal value take shape. Because of this reason, instead of being confined to our regular or mechanical lifestyle, we are supposed to remain aggressive in expanding our tentacles by which we may lay the groundwork for our better life. 


Another advantage stemming from the expansion of our tentacles is that we may find our life vivid, rather than monotonous. This situation is to keep us exuberant in facing our each precious day in order that we may make more contributions to our society and people. But unfortunately, perhaps due to the consideration of budget, or mental inactivity, many people distance themselves from expanding their tentacles. As a result, they are to begin to detest their own life as a result of the emergence of their sense of monotony caused by their confinement to the same thing that cannot in effect trigger their interest toward their own life. 


Provided you start to have the feeling of fatigue, not caused by any physical problem, but instead by boredom toward your rigorous, mechanical or tedious life, you may have to take into account expanding your tentacles as one of the best ways to lead to your vibrant energy necessary for your better and more vivid lifestyle envied by others. This is primarily because expanding your tentacles comprises three significant benefits, consisting of vividness for your life, better recognition among people, and getting rid of stress and tension. So, why not take the immediate action to expand your tentacles?





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