The charm of painting


As I went to a hospital few days ago, I inadvertently noticed some paintings showcased on the wall of that hospital. This experience spontaneously evoked my smile and great sense of comfort, feeling happy for those patients who could have access and exposure to those paintings. With the decoration of those paintings came my envy for those staying inside the building and appreciation for the impeccable arrangement and devotion of this hospital. In light of this, I would like to further account for why painting can have its own phenomenal charm to people. Perhaps in the wake of this session, you may come up with your own perception toward painting. 


Painting may help embody your concept toward what is called beauty, which can be actually reflected from the colors or the shapes of stroke displayed on the canvas. Oftentimes, it may keep you stunned as you are fully exposed to the picturesque or astonishing scenery or people portrayed. In particular, the abstract painting is in possession of its extraordinary attribute, such as its scale and colors that can nearly make us have a breathtaking effect. Though intangible and very often hard to be understood, painting can help us to have more tentacles that can pave the way for our more comprehensive awareness as to what beauty is meant to be. This situation is to in turn enormously benefit us in many positive ways.


More important is that painting can give us the feeling that life can be altered or ameliorated whenever we want, depending on our willingness. For example, when color is misused or misplaced, we may readily employ another color to cover the original one found inappropriate or undesirable to us. This situation makes me fully convinced that painting seems to send us a crystal clear message that life can be partially or fully changed, depending on how much we want to change it. From a different perspective to look at this issue comes my another positive finding that life is hopeful rather than hopeless. Profoundly inspired by painting, another mentor to me, I have become fearless of any failure or setback, in that we may keep optimizing what we do to the extent that we may feel content with our own accomplishment in whatever we do. 


Another benefit derived from painting is its cultural impact on us. That means, it may let us become much more elegant and civilized. This great mutation, if made available, is to positively affect our temperament and our own life philosophy. By virtue of exposing ourselves to painting, we may gradually upgrade the way we deal with others with more graceful attitude as a result of the influence stemming from art. In light of this, instead of disregarding or demeaning the value of paintings, you are highly recommended to have access to them in order that you may undergo a full-scale mental metamorphosis because of the emergence of art in your own life. In particular, looking at paintings in the gallery does not cost you a dime, thus considered a relatively cheap activity worth your personal trial.  


Perhaps you have, hitherto, been a stranger to painting; you may also remain unaware of the benefits of accessing paintings. However, provided you change the way you perceive paintings from those perspectives highlighted above, you may mark a new commencement for your life quality. They are inclusive of the embodiment of beauty concept, better disposition, and more positive life philosophy. Thus, I pinpointed those benefits we can acquire from painting with a view to making you more likely to enjoy a better lifestyle on account of the company of paintings. 





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