If you have a special dream, what could it be? Why do you have this peculiar dream? And how are you going to make it happen?


Among all the dreams is cleaning the beach of Taiwan that I feel like doing most. Best known for its spectacular, phenomenal coast scenery, Taiwan, a vulnerable island, has undergone an unprecedented crisis of being contaminated, which can be reflected from its deteriorating, uglier seacoasts. This was mainly caused by people’s callous attitude, which stems from people’s selfishness and apathy to our environment, toward the deterioration of our ecological setting. For example, the seacoast was imbued with metal stuff, along with plastic shoes and bottles. That is, our great nature was stabbed without being able to voice its complaints. Unless something can be done, our generations to come are to be accompanied by the coast lines they detest accessing. That is why without a second thought my dream is to help clean up our severely demolished seacoasts to make Taiwan a better place to live. 


As to why I became so determined to put into effect this initiative, here are some of my viewpoints that uphold my personal idealism. I once stayed in the hotel situated at the seacoast of Tai-Dong. Stunned to witness so much garbage ruthlessly left by those tourists, I began to make up my mind that someday if possible, I would like to embark on a voluntary activity with which to help clean up our dirty seacoasts. Regardless of how selfish we are, we are not entitled to deprive our offspring of their opportunity to have access to the beauty of seacoasts. Simply on account of this conception, my dream of cleaning our seacoasts came into being, fermenting into a strong aspiration that impelled me to accomplish this sublime goal, at least from my standpoint.  


The following measures, if fully implemented, are to result in a much more optimistic prospect for our declining environment. To begin with, I will start to contact some of my best friends, as well as those students with the same idealism as is held by me. Their participation can empower what I plan to do, for one person’s capability is somewhat limited, thus hard to achieve a more efficient result. Another issue with the same weight is to purchase certain devices desperately needed to get the job done. After all, all the participants are to be exposed to the sun and dangerous metal or garbage. Prior to the commencement of this great task, safety should be perceived as our prime concern so that an enduring scheme can be well accepted with pleasance and without apprehension among all of us. Again, what we are going to do is to be recorded as a means to serve as a persuasive propaganda to further encourage those who are also concerned about our ailing ecological environment. To this end, some panels are to be held with a view to spreading out this great activity. By raising people’s concern and interest toward what we do, we are not to be left alone. That means, our impact upon people may possibly give rise to a trendy activity good enough to entice more people’s concern, followed by their supportive participation. It is predictable that many obstacles are to emerge in the course of executing those protective activities particularly for our aggravating environment. However, my adherence to this activity is to lead to my wanted success. 





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