The key to success: mania


Intriguing to humans, success very often seems inaccessible or unattainable to the majority of people on this planet, based on the recent report released by Fortune magazine. As a result, seeking how to have access to success has thus become people’s most intended dream. Among all the factors that can in effect determine our success, in my view, is mania that has its invincible position when weighed against any other factor involved. Now let me explicitly account for what makes mania so closely linked to our ultimate success. 


Mania, an unknown but powerful catalyst featuring its sublime function for our full immersion, can keep us from distraction that can actually make what we do less efficient, thus paving the way for our inferiority of doing things. The fact shows that our full concentration in doing things can be referred to as overwhelmingly indispensable to our performance, something that can contribute to our ultimate success. On the basis of this assumption, mania can help eradicate our undesirable distraction fatal to our genuine performance. Simply put, though with a bit insane and overly enthusiastic attribute, our mania can give rise to our eligibility or a prerequisite for our wanted success. 


Mania, to some extent, can help us to remain persevere when we are confronted with what is called setback; therefore, we are not to be stranded in our sadness or frustration, mainly owing to our mania that can literally make us immune from the encroachment of any defeat. That is to say, this great momentum derived from our mania can keep us in high spirit, for our incentive of pursuing something peculiar has prevailed over the emergence of substantial success. In fact, our setback or fiasco seems inevitable to us, for we are not flawless in whatever we do. Hence, what may possibly help us deal effectively with our failure or setback lies in our mania that may let us remain undefeated and resolute in our pursuit to pave the way for our desired success. 


On the other hand, theoretically speaking, our mania can also help form our professional image, the function of which may help garner people’s better recognition vital to how others perceive us, and, in particular, to our reputation. Professionalism and expertise have been enormously valued in our society; as a result, there is no way we can disregard or underrate the consequence of our mania as the foundation for our needed professionalism. Simultaneously, our credibility can be made possible with the aid of our mania that constitutes our professional image highly valued among people today. 


Given that mania is so instrumental to us, inclusive of giving us better professional image, concentration, and perseverance, we have to solemnly reassess whether we are well equipped with this great element necessary for our final success. Just do it in every way possible to trigger your infinite mania for what you wish to pursue, and soon you may be the one fully entitled to relish what is called success that is well founded on your priceless mania. 





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