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Writing to me seems to have entered my life so spontaneously that we have become intertwined in terms of our mutual relationship. In other words, my involvement with English writing has attained the degree to which the time spent has always been regarded as worthwhile and encouraging, thus leaving me no room for any sense of monotony. Inspired by my interaction with English writing, I find it necessary for me to further spell out the tactics of coping with English writing to all of you with a view to making you better understand how to get along with English writing so as to profit from it. 


Fearless of the difficulty of English stemming from its intricacy, we are more likely to remain willing to devote our time to writing practice, a key to making complete our learning in the domain of English writing. That means, regardless of whether we are well equipped with ample expertise and experience in writing, we, whenever possible, ought to embark on our writing practice to see if we are competent enough to meet our own demand. If our ability to write is found not good enough, we may further reinforce our weakness by means of augmenting or cementing our writing concept. Again, anything, without any exception, can be further modified, including our body shape, not to mention simpler structure of English grammars. From this standpoint comes my assumption that our sense of fear, an obstacle to our learning result, has to be annihilated provided we wish to subdue the difficulty of English writing, and to become versed in the spectrum of English writing. 


The fact shows that, based on my personal observation among those students who ever took my English writing class, those who had more frequent writing practice tended to have more capability of writing skill. This finding, if well accepted by you, may give rise to a profound impact upon your learning efficiency in English writing. What really makes me most impressed is that our familiarity, in need of our daily accumulation of knowledge and experience, plays a pivotal role in keeping our acquaintance with English writing from any decline. Only by doing this can we ensure that we may become increasingly confident when dealing with writing practice. That is to say, the collapse of our confidence on account of the disruption of our familiarity is to result in our unwillingness to engage in writing practice, followed by our undesirable inferiority in English writing. Aware of this consequence, we have to resort to our habitual activity of writing practice as a solution to our problem faced. 


Enjoy the infinite descriptive pleasance derived from our impulse to reveal things kept in our mind. The maximum sense of freedom can serve as a great momentum to keep it a sustainable activity, resulting from its freedom that will enable us to relish the activity of writing practice in the absence of any burden, whatsoever. As a result, while getting involved in writing practice, we are not supposed to look forward to having a masterpiece for our article, nor should we pay attention to any possible criticism that can be imposed on our article presented or exhibited to others. Immune from these insignificant issues, we are more likely to remain enthusiastic as we are engaged in writing practice, a result made possible mainly because of our maximum sense of freedom. Advocated by our greatest sense of freedom, we may become fully absorbed in what we wish to achieve without having yet to pay heed to anything that can and must be disregarded. 


To summarize, writing has dissolved into my life without being noticed, paving the way for the enjoyment stemming from dealing with English writing. That is, rarely can this event hamper my desire of coping with English writing, especially when I wish to depict something explicitly and exquisitely but fail. Equipped with those concepts indicated above, I was able to tackle my difficulty confronted. They consist of sense of freedom, fearlessness and frequent involvement with writing practice, the benefit of which is so enormous that you are highly encouraged to put them into effect.  





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