How to confront our life


Provided we don’t remain scrupulous in facing our precious life, we may possibly wind up abusing or squandering our precious time inadvertently or intentionally. This deed in a way can be referred to as unwise to us, for our life must be well exploited to maximize its value, or we can be interpreted as a useless living corpse featuring our uselessness and unproductive trait. That is why this topic can be of great inspiration to those of you who may sometimes remain indifferent to how to confront your life. For this reason, my topic today is aimed at having an in-depth discussion about this issue, hoping that you may obtain some inspirational concepts instrumental to you.


Being insatiable for your own capability should be regarded as the prerequisite for any objective you wish to accomplish. But unfortunately, our inherent human nature, seeking both comfort and self-acceptance for each day, may keep us from having aspiration toward seeking better capability for ourselves. Again, this misconception can also put an end to our greater expectation that can keep pushing us to look for breakthrough for what we have currently achieved. Rather than being a stepping stone to us, our satisfaction is to keep us remaining stagnant for our knowledge and skills necessary for our better future. The fact shows that many students, equipped with good English ability in Aplus, discontinued their pursuit of upgrading their English ability simply on account of their inclination to feel fully content with what they have already acquired from Aplus, which is definitely not worth your full implementation. 


Having a versatile lifestyle is absolutely the dogma I will never betray or oppose, for it may further diversify our lifestyle as the foundation for our greater enthusiasm toward our intricate, challenging life. In other words, our diverse lifestyle may engender or evoke our greatest incentive to face each day with more fun and momentum considered essential to our life attitude at length. That means, never should we end up in our sense of monotony derived straight from our mechanical life pattern that will in effect deprive us of our great enthusiasm and sense of fun toward our life. To this end, expanding your own tentacles to such an infinite life cannot be disregarded that our life can incessantly remain exuberant to us. Aware of this situation, by no means can we be confined to our regular lifestyle that is very likely to put us in the abyss of monotony, which I believe is detrimental to us. 


Creating your own value is what is imperative to you as well when you are in the face of each day. Speaking of this, we have to be conscious of one thing that our value is on the basis of others‘ perception. This truly menas that we may influence how others are to perceive us by means of showcasing how well we can behave for others. Once able to make contribution to others, we are to lay the groundwork for others‘ positive perception with regard to who we actually are and what we can literally bring to them. This benchmark is to exist without any change for certain in terms of securing our own value. In light of this, we have to perceive ourselves from this perspective in order that our value can be embedded in others‘ minds, followed by the emergence of others‘ utmost homage paid to us.


The way we confront our life is to undoubtedly determine the quality of our life. This is primarily because our perceptive perspective will subsequently influence how we are going to act, a decisive factor for our ultimate behavior. With this in mind, those three major points, consisting of creating our value, having a versatile lifestyle, and being insatiable for our capability, deserve to be taken into careful account. Accompanied by them, we may be more likely to be accessible to a more productive, fruitful and positive lifestyle envied by others. If not, we may end up living a lifestyle with which we are fed up. 





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