The reason to breathe


There is no exception that life is manifold, exhilarating, and unpredictable. As a result, it is composed of many facets of attributes, thus making it fairly appealing to us. For example, we may delve into love, romance or even any challenge that can verify our capability. However, sometimes thanks in part to the emergence of certain setback, followed by our sense of depression as well as our pessimism if things deteriorate, our strong incentive and great momentum toward each day may begin to plummet or to be eroded by our negative thinking or pessimism. At that particular moment, why we should continue to breathe plays a pivotal role in keeping us on the right track, rather than derailing. 


“Life can be better off if we want it to be,” said one of my mentors in the USA as I was working on my MBA program. This great and overwhelmingly positive philosophy has profoundly buttressed me in tackling my difficulties ever since, especially when I was besieged by those arduous issues, such as study, job performance, or even human relationship. This concept, imbued with lots of positive inspiration, has made it possible for me to confront those thorny challenges with confidence and greater enthusiasm, for I was eager to see how much I can genuinely change my life. On the other hand, this adage also gave me the very conception that life can be at our full mercy. 


Another reason for us to breathe is the contribution we can make for others, which is the only factor that can let our self-value start to surface. The smiling face stemming from others is indicative of their appreciation and positive recognition for our personal value. Under such circumstances, nothing, regardless of what it is, can stop us from breathing, simply because we are fully convinced that what we actually did for others has been regarded as instrumental to them. As a result, we are to perceive ourselves as valuable amongst people; therefore, our greatest momentum toward life is to remain exuberant, thus leaving no room for any decline. 


“Friendship, a blessing derived from God, is what makes us continue to feel like breathing,” said one pastor I ever encountered. Friendship can in effect keep us distant from the encroachment of solitude and helplessness that are considered detrimental to our aspiration toward life. In other words, we can be immune from the assault of loneliness and pessimism with the aid of our friendship. This is primarily because not merely can we have assistance from friends, but we may also receive more objective opinions that can help sort out the intricacy of our problems faced, instrumental to our solution to be found. 


Life can be not that easy for each one of us; however, this does not constitute any reason, whatsoever, for us to contemplate discontinuing our breathing. As are precisely and explicitly articulated above, those points, including friendship, contribution, and sense of self-value, can efficaciously eliminate the pessimism and any further stupid attempt, like putting an end to life, to end our breathing. And in particular, their emergence in our lifespan can always trigger our greater expectation for our personal achievement. As a result, we are to breathe with comfort and ease for sure.   





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