Art cannot alter the world, but it can change yourself.


Best known as laying stress upon the entertainment of eating food, the majority of Taiwanese people are found devoid of a strong interest and passion toward so-called art. Though an obscure terminology to them, art deserves to be further and more deeply perceived so that they may step into a totally different lifestyle imbued with lots of fun and momentum for life. Not entitled to be named an artist, though I am eager to be conceived and called this way, I have actually embarked on my substantial, intertwined involvement with art, painting, since last year, the function of which did make me able to perceive my own life from a more compelling and profound perspective. Enormously benefiting from this deed, I feel like delving into the topic given above with a view to letting you be accessible to those advantages I have in effect undergone. 


Of course, many people, including those prominent, outstanding politicians, are determined to change the world. However, this attempt to me sounds infeasible and thus pointless, provided we tend to be a bit more pragmatic and realistic. Under such circumstances, what we can and must do is remain more circumspect and strenuous in seeking a series of approaches to our better lifestyle, among which is accessing art that can be readily conducted and oftentimes less costly when weighed against other luxurious activities, such as shopping or eating food inside the decent restaurant. For example, paying a visit to the local gallery is not to cost us even a dime, in that we are not obligated to purchase painting there, and, on the other hand, we are not to receive any discrimination on account of our relatively impoverished financial status. Aware of this situation, we should know that having access to art is not to be an ordeal to us. 


Exposure to art may let you have a different disposition varied from that of those unaffected by art due to their being inaccessible to art, caused by their misconception. This nicer and desirable disposition, in short, will enable you to become intellectual, rather than violent; as a result, you will become far more desirable among people wherever you go. Again, it is incontrovertible that people are to, on many occasions, perceive and evaluate us for many reasons, such as seeking a good partner for marriage or relationship, or finding a job position. As a consequence, what we can spontaneously unveil in front of others seems fairly persuasive, decisive and thus vital to us. That means, the reflection of our superb quality in terms of our temperament also plays a pivotal role in making people more positively perceive us and in turn result in their better acceptance for us. Because of this reason, to have an unnoticeable metamorphosis and evolution with the aid of art seems an exceptionally wise action to us. 


The participation of art may more likely keep us distracted from the encroachment or disturbance of stress derived from our regular or in a way mechanical lifestyle. This is primarily because our immersion in art appreciation or any substantial involvement like drawing something by our pen may enormously help unleash our tension or pressure as a result of the shift of our focus. That is, our in-depth perception toward the beauty of art can help remove the room of fermentation for our undesirable stress. So, instead of being confined exclusively to those entertainment programs from TV, we ought to seek for a better alternative, namely, art, which I believe can literally change your life. Again, art is not to detach yourself from the real life. Contrary to this, it may escalate your lifestyle and make it more valuable to you. 


Provided you are so distant from art that you have no idea what art is all about, or providing you are fed up with those meaningless entertainments you are currently involved in, turning to art can be one of the best options you have ever imagined or encountered. Just let the power of art embody your personal specialty so well that a totally disparate and much more valuable lifestyle can be within your reach. At that point in time, you may become fully convinced that what I have put forward today is beyond doubt instrumental to you. 




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