Between both supermarket and traditional market, which one is your better alternative? Why?


To satisfy our daily need for food, finding a good, appropriate market seems an exceedingly vital task to us. In terms of the option of market, my preference is supermarket as a result of the following imperative reasons.


The atmosphere of traditional market, as opposed to that of a super market, tends to be far more chaotic and disorganized. This is primarily caused by the consideration of convenience for sales result. For example, the environment there does not seem as clean as that of the supermarket. This constitutes a fatal factor in making me cling to supermarket instead. Since I am far more sanitation-oriented, the supermarket featuring its clean, well-organized setting has garnered my heart, thus making me a regular customer over there. 


Another fatal factor that keeps me distant from the traditional market is that many people, including both the sellers and the clients, smoke cigarette there. However, it seems that no one ever paid full attention to such a momentous issue. Exposed to such an undesirable environment, I feel my aspiration of purchase abruptly disappears, no matter how fresh or how cheap the food is there. Perhaps those managing the business inside the traditional market interpret smoking cigarette as one of the best means to keep them comfortable while going through their hectic whole day. However, this has deprived the consumers of their right of breathing nice and clean air. More important is that I am exceedingly allergic to the smoking thanks in part to my sensitive body. That is why never will I consider going to the traditional market, unless the smoking problem there has been fully tackled. 


Above all, the quality of food, though superficially or substantially more costly, seems far better in the supermarket, the most indispensable factor to trigger my interest in purchasing food there. Though somewhat inconvenient and relatively expensive, buying food in supermarket is found more suited to me. The assurance of food quality, rather than the convenience that stands for little value to me, is what makes me closely linked to the supermarket. Unlike the majority of housewives, who lay stress upon on both convenience and price, I have different taste that makes me act differently from them. That is, I am far more quality-oriented when weighed against them. As a result, traditional market will at best become my last choice for purchasing food. 


Based on those points addressed above, it is plain to see that traditional markets are characterized by a handful of drawbacks found intolerable to me, such as undesirable setting, smoking, etc., and that little can the problems found there be removed. Prior to the advent of full improvements in traditional market, supermarket, beyond doubt, is to remain my better alternative in contrast to traditional market. 





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