How can you be happier?


Oftentimes, we may be encroached upon by what is called melancholy, a symptom that reflects the very fact that we are not pleasant. This situation, if not well harnessed or dealt with, may in turn spawn other undesirable things to us, such as being devoid of vigor desperately needed for our daily life. In light of this, more discussion today is to be included inside my lecture, with a view to making you eligible to be accessible to the best blessing of our lifetime named happiness. 


Simplify your lifestyle as the foundation for your intended happiness. The reason is that modern people, in pursuit of too diverse a lifestyle, have found themselves unable to tackle this situation under lots of stress. For example, in the face of intertwined human relationship during the Chinese New Year, many people sacrificed their precious time that could have otherwise been employed for their own relaxation. But unfortunately, in dealing with so intricate a relationship during the vacation, they were deprived of their invaluable vacation. As it turned out, instead of being able to relish new year vacation, they were stranded in literally an interwoven human relationship that made them distant from what is important to them, happiness. 


Sustain a regular lifestyle, which I strongly believe can subsequently ensure a more wholesome and healthy physical condition, a precondition desperately needed for our wanted success and happiness that ensues. As I inhabited in Europe numerous years ago, I was stunned to see an exceedingly fascinating and inspiring phenomenon. That is, French people adhere to their regular lifestyle from which they benefit and garner good health. This situation can pave the way for their forthcoming happiness, for anything cannot be accomplished in the absence of good health, including happiness. This is primarily because rarely can we behold a patient imbued with happiness, as a result of being assaulted by sickness that demolishes the source of his/her happiness. 


Locating a good, positive and constructive hobby is another element that can lead to our happiness. With the participation of our sound hobby comes the full balance of our life. Provided you have a glimpse at the universe, balance is an irreplaceable dogma for peace and safety. One persuasive illustration can help account for this conception. Namely, if something goes wrong between the Earth and the Moon in terms of their magnetic field, the ocean of the Earth may turn out to be turbulent. Moreover, our mental and physical balance is another fact that can literally determine whether we can be entitled to access happiness. As in my case, I have recently been engaged in painting activity, the function of which can help unleash my negative energy. As a consequence, I have been able to have access to happiness without any difficulty. Thus, it is high time that you made available your own hobby as the cornerstone of your ample happiness as I actually did. 



Controllable and accessible, happiness, from my standpoint, is not unapproachable to us, depending on how we perceive the whole framework of our lifestyle. That is to say, so long as we make certain adjustments, happiness can be within our reach. In particular, provided we may comply with those points highlighted above, which consist of balance, regular lifestyle, and simplifying your life content, I am quite certain that we are more likely to have access to what we want, namely, happiness. 





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