Slow-paced killer-PM2.5


Pervasive and concealed almost everywhere, PM2.5 has posed a threat to our survival. This theory has been addressed  and substantiated by some far-sighted scientists featuring their acute perception and utmost concern toward our generations to come. However, in where we live, it seems that people remain somewhat mindless of the desperate consequence which could possibly be engendered by this hidden killer. Given this point, I single out this topic as what we are to delve into in my lecture today, in the hope that your perceptive capacity is to give rise to your utmost concern toward PM2.5, followed by your personal contribution to the eradication to this merciless killer for you and your offspring. 


With the rise of humans’ technology, along with their innate selfishness, PM2.5 has stealthily come into our life, paving the way for our deteriorating health on account of its devastating impact upon our indispensable organs, especially our lungs and hearts. Rather than pretending that nothing emerges, we are supposed to become even more circumspect and aggressive in coping with this potentially fatal element detrimental to our life. It is incontrovertible that all the relevant data and evidence submitted by those scientists look persuasive but literally powerless. This predicament lies in human’s insane pursuit of economic development for so-called “better life.” As a consequence, no comprehensive or full-scale measures good enough to counter PM2.5 have been put into effect by either private enterprise or government. As it turned out, the situation has become enormously pessimistic. Here are some of my viewpoints with regard to what we can do to counter this problem faced. 


We, rather than remaining indifferent to the abusive attitude of some portions of industrialists, are supposed to voice our unshakable right of breathing with comfort. This minimum but indispensable right must be well sustained as the very foundation for our health and lives. Seeking profit, traditionally and theoretically speaking, has always been perceived as businessmen’s prime concern. Nevertheless, their behavior must be not merely regulated but seamlessly monitored. To this end, the people, the so-called “bosses” of our society, have to step out as an initial step to supervise the government’s policy and actions that ensue, or our right can and will be demeaned or disregarded. But unfortunately, it seems to me that people, instead of remaining closely united or concerned about the aggravating situation of PM2.5, are inactive in taking part in this great campaign. Thus, unless people change the way they perceive the issue of PM2.5, they are to become victimized for certain. 


Be realistic in dealing with what it is like for us to experience suffocation derived from PM2.5, a warning sign to us. Many people, instead of locating the origin of problem, try to wear the masks, which are considered ineffective in filtering PM2.5 and at best stupidly comforting us. Again, this statement is particularly employed to lay stress upon the consequence of doing something that can in effect make a difference, rather than giving us a rhetorical, cosmetic effect, which I believe can never get the job done. Again, our perceptive capability is what is vital to our final outcome in grappling with the emergence of PM2.5. Perhaps what we need most at this point in time is countless people with righteousness and conscience with which to get the job done in terms of annihilating PM2.5. People’s more active, aggressive and effective interference in tackling PM2.5 can lead to the government’s more concern and more powerful actions that really matter in achieving our intended objective. 


Again, people’s uncompromising, incessant, and genuine concern, followed by a series of participations, is the very foundation of our optimism in the battle against PM2.5. Also, it can be of great inspiration to our government. In particular, considering our government’s shortage of fund and expertise, people, with far more ample resources, are in need of giving a helping hand to buttress our government. For this reason, our utmost concern toward our setting that belongs exclusively to us and our descendants, along with our real actions taken, can help make a huge difference for our enemy, PM2.5, we abhor most.  




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