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After having gone through so long and exhilarating a Chinese New Year vacation, you must have accumulated sufficient energy desperately needed for your forthcoming new semester. Your returning to Aplus, home to those wishing to sharpen their English ability, is to definitely mark a new inception for your desired goal for sure, for you are not to be left alone while learning English right here. Like always, prior to the commencement of our first class, some reminders are to be put forth particularly for you with a view to keeping you immune from derailing.


In dealing with English learning, annihilating your sense of boredom must be perceived as your prime concern. This is primarily on account of the consideration of your best mindset, as well as your utmost interest, that has to be wholesome enough to tackle your problems faced when it comes to learning English. What made me so disparate from my classmates, as I studied in college, was my supreme spirit that made me unrivaled or superior to others. Upheld by my greatest enthusiasm, so-called sense of boredom was found nonexistent in the course of my learning, followed by my incessant aspiration to delve into the infinite spectrum of English to lay the foundation for my superiority among people. Given this situation, however difficult it is for you to eliminate your sense of boredom, you ought to adhere to leaving no room for the fermentation of boredom in the course of learning English.


What is more, steady growth and improvement should be regarded as your short-term objective. The reason is that this may keep your momentum thriving rather than declining because of your sluggish improvement. To this end, regular involvement in learning English must be put into effect to lay the groundwork for your steady improvement. In the domain of learning English, each segment closely associated with the learning effect must be taken into account so that the maximum learning efficiency can be made available. And this is why I lay stress upon the essence and importance of securing a progressive improvement so as to keep our learning attitude vibrant and more aggressive than ever.


Your strong intent to sort out the intricacy is another factor necessary for your ultimate goal, the value of which can let you be enormously envied by others. The fact shows that some students remain timid or in misgiving when coping with the complexity of English grammars, paving the way for their perplexity when they cope with sentences involved. In light of this, you have to make available your strong willingness to make clear your grammar concepts as the cornerstone to better comprehend how to more accurately employ English grammars at length. Again, anything relevant to simplistic fragment is far from having its value. By the same token, your aspiration to garner the full awareness with reference to the complicated English grammars is of great importance to you as learners of English to achieve your personal value in the future.


Please note that you are the one fully entitled to turn a new page for your life, and that the efforts made today may pave the way for a much more prosperous future career. With this in mind, knowing how to greatly enhance your learning efficiency tends to be vital to you. Aware of this point, those aforementioned points, inclusive of steady improvement, removal of monotony derived from learning English, and intent for clear-cut grammar concepts, must be embedded in your mind. Again, the full implementation of those three imperative points can help ensure that you are to turn out to be a successful learner in the realm of learning English. 




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