Describe an unfair treatment you ever encountered before, followed by your depiction of feeling or any inspiration derived from this experience.


Unfair treatment seems inevitable to us, for we may confront something contradictory to others’ benefit or interest. However, its emergence, though sometimes unbearable to us, can be exceedingly inspiring to us, helping us to become even more mature in perceiving what is called life. I was once bullied by some of my classmates as I studied in junior middle high school. This unreasonable and irrational treatment stemmed from my inclination not to talk to my classmates as a result of my unique characteristic. As it turned out, my attitude made them feel that I tried to intentionally distance myself from them, followed by their bully imposed on me. Indeed, I felt hopeless and helpless when bullied by their words, rather than something even worse and more horrifying, such as physical violence. My dignity, at that particular moment, was damaged, as they depicted me as an idiot coming from a rural area, where civilization was, as they put it, nonexistent. Deeply hurt, I had no choice but to remain in harmony with them by begging them to forgive me for my inappropriate behavior so as to evade any predictable violence. 


This authentic experience, inscribed in my mind and unable to be erased for the rest of my life, did shed light on me. That is, bully must be annihilated from our school campus because of its overwhelmingly horrifying impact upon the victims, both physically and mentally. Insecurity, menace, and insults may keep us staying in what is called nightmare for a long time without being able to find the way out. Provided the current legal system cannot help wipe out bully on campus, something further and more efficient must be done, such as holding the parents, whose children involve bully, accountable for their children’s illegal behaviors. Only by doing this can the parents become more conscious of their own duty for family education as the solution to the problem faced. 





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