A simple but logical context is the key to your success in writing exam.


A myriad of students, based on my own perception, have difficulty inaugurating their task of writing when taking the English writing exam. This situation, to some extent, is an undeniable phenomenon worth your full attention so that you may prevent yourself from being victimized like such. Hence, there is a desperate need for you to become cognizant of how to lay out a quick but logical context within your article as the centerpiece for your relatively high score. 


A good framework of article must be composed of a handful of elements that have to be noted provided you long to subdue the ordeal of writing. They are definitely composed of the historical or current events that must be depicted for almost every topic granted to students. For this point, you have to describe in detail the whole issue based on five “Ws,” namely time background, persons involved, how it evolves, the major event, and its impact caused. Subsequently, you ought to portray the reason of this event or its relevant causes for what actually happened before or today. Again, the description of this domain has to be perceived as the main body of your article, for it may be representative of your analytical capability required by the grader. 


Following the emergence of your comprehensive coverage for what happened, you are supposed to further depict your personal inspiration or insight derived from what you have beheld. This, when weighed against with what has been covered in your first paragraph, cannot be disregarded, either. The reason is that any conclusive statement, which holds the final opportunity to further impress the grader, has its utmost consequence in terms of the final score granted. That means, more time must be appropriated to the conclusive statement in order to uplift your intended score. But unfortunately, it has been found that the vast majority of students taking the English writing exam are always engaged in a simple and short conclusion. This will weaken your persuasiveness, paving the way for a relatively poor score. For this reason, the allocation of time plays a pivotal role in determining whether your article deserves to be granted a superior score. 


A good and persuasive article can be made possible via our strong willingness to embark on a full-scale, uncompromising metamorphosis. That is to say, our prior preparedness and willingness to adopt a new concept can be of great importance to our final outcome. With the aid of our transformation comes our more likelihood to receive a writing score of which you may be truly proud. Hence, at the final stage, you are strongly recommended to take into account having a retrospect as to how you behaved before in order that you may further modify it to the fullest of your ability. 




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