Please write a letter to express your being stranded n an elevator for three minutes while you went shopping in a department store. In your first paragraph you ought to fully describe the whole detail involved, followed by your suggestions for future improvement in the second paragraph.


Dear sir,


To my astonishment and disappointment, I was stranded in the elevator as I went shopping in your department store. This unprecedented experience, I believe, could have been well prevented had you taken it seriously for your maintenance necessary for this elevator. Last weekend, imbued with great enthusiasm, I went shopping in your department store, hoping to enjoy my shopping activities by purchasing something I longed to have. However, I was stunned to experience something terrifying to me. Namely, I was trapped inside the elevator for nearly three minutes, depriving me of my greatest enthusiasm for my further activities there, stemming from my apprehension of losing my precious life. Even until now I find it difficult for me to forget this nightmare. Here is how I feel your company can improve this situation so that I may regain my confidence in going to your department store.


Make sure that all the warning system can be well installed so that prior to the emergence of defective operation of machine, the maintenance staff may well receive the whole information in advance. By doing this, lots of regrets, like the loss of life or mental repercussion, can be well prevented. Again, anything concerned with life, in my view, must be taken seriously, instead of taking any remedial action in the wake of the occurrence of tragic event like the loss of life. Again, your company should hold yourself accountable for the whole event, followed by certain compensation for your fault that reflects your irresponsibility in maintenance of the elevator. Only by doing this can you help regain your customers’ confidence, or I will never step into your department store again for the rest of my life. Thank you again for your full attention to this matter.


Sincerely yours,






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