Topic: Are you in favor of or against the announcement that a high school is to be built in your community? Why?


As our community begins to evolve, the change of its setting is to influence the quality of our living. As in the case of having a new high school to be built in our community, it is definitely to bring lots of benefits to our community - even though there could be some disadvantages that will subsequently follow. The reasons that make me in favor of this incident are to be stated as below.


Convenience, first of all, can be portrayed as the first benefit our children can acquire - making them able to avoid the nightmare of taking transportation facilities to get to school, and thus saving them lots of precious time that can be otherwise employed in many aspects such as reading the book prior to the commencement of their classes. 


Equally important is that the sport areas can be employed as well by the local residents after the school is closed, offering the space that can be used by local residents, especially for the sport activities. For this reason, many people prefer to find an apartment close to school so that they may have easy access to the facilities and space of school for the purpose of engaging in some sport activities for their body heath. 


With the existence of school come lots of business opportunities; for instance, we may set up a stationery shop aimed at having the chance to fully satisfy students’ needs while they go through each day. This fact shows that any business related to students’ activities can be created due to the substantial demand of students. In other words, the presence of school, though generating some drawbacks like noise as well, can make our community even more prosperous as a result of the new business environment. 


Perhaps people are to argue that the noise can be undesirable to the local people; however, the sound is not that terrible to influence our living quality. More important, their laughter may be taken as another beauty of our community. Based on this reason, along with those points raised above, including convenience, business opportunity, and sport facilities and space, I may thus conclude that having a high school built in our community is a blessing rather than an annoyance.










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