Preparedness can keep us from the sense of fear


Prior to the advent of writing test, many students may possibly encounter a dilemma. Namely, they may have the sense of fear, not an uncommon phenomenon among most of the students. To counter this problem confronted, we have to resort to some feasible solutions on the basis of our concrete, reliable strategies to be employed. From my personal point of view, our prior practice to make us accessible to full preparedness is the only way to prevail over this dilemma. 


Overall, anything complicated may have a normal situation that seems somewhat ambiguous to us. For example, many students fail to quickly locate what needs to be done to embody their skills and concepts toward English writing. This chaotic situation may in turn make them disoriented in dealing with their trouble faced. The fact shows that numerous students may lose their confidence in facing this ordeal on their own. As it turns out, their retreat from delving into the spectrum of English writing can be often found. Thus, to prevent yourself from being victimized like this, you ought to reinforce your writing concepts by sharpening the sentence concepts to lay the foundation for eliminating your obstacles. 


Remaining positive and confident in the battle against this arduous campaign. Please note that by the simple mathematical calculation, 15 sentences are perhaps the maximum quantity needed to satisfy the grader. Thus, there should not be any unnecessary apprehension that will be detrimental to you for sure. Backed by this confidence, you may remain steady as you are faced with lots of difficulties, instead of being engulfed in the abyss of misgiving, followed by the disruption of your confidence. Under such circumstances, having access to a relatively high score will turn out to be merely a fantasy at length. For this reason, we have to be equipped with a robust mindset to go through this difficult task. 


Try to set up a framework prior to the emergence of final exam. By virtue of doing this, you may avoid having a chaotic situation where you have difficulty organizing your concept or story. That is to say, prior preparedness can be referred to as the best measure to wipe out our sense of fear. Since the context does not have to be intricate, laying out a simple but persuasive mechanism of story is fairly facile. Again, by complying with cause and effect, comparative and historical elements, we may come up with a contextual framework that can be suited to us. 


Difficult as it is, English writing exam can be subdued provided we are equipped with a wholesome concept, together with a series of viable strategies. Once we equip ourselves with sufficient discipline, nothing can stay in our way. Those imperative points mentioned above can help annihilate your apprehensive feeling. They are far from arduous at all; therefore, your full implementation can be readily conducted. 





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