Since our society does not attain the level of perfection, there must be a room for our society to be further improved. From your standpoint, what can be done to make our society better? In your first paragraph, delineate what can be done to improve our society. Following this, you ought to continue to depict why this improvement is essential to our society. 


Rampantly inundated with drugs, our society has encountered an unprecedented crisis that needs to be further removed. In fact, we are not supposed to perceive this matter from a simpler point of view. Instead, a much more comprehensive perception is absolutely needed so as to locate the problem and its relevant solutions involved. Overall, drug problem can be basically resolved via blockading either the production of drug or the import of illegal drugs stemming from the sources of foreign countries. Apart from that, a much more stringent stipulation must be enacted to let criminals reconsider whether their involvement in drug trade is worthwhile. More important is that the emergence of police force in those prevalent spots such as night clubs must be frequently put into effect. Above all, we may resort to a full-scale, convincing education to keep our youths away from the encroachment of drugs. Only by conducting those steps highlighted above can we bring back a wholesome society immune from the invasion of drugs. 


By the eradication or significant reduction of drug-related activities, our society may regain its harmony, peace and security we deserve to have. The fact shows that drug crimes may put our society into an appalling vicious circle featuring many other crimes, consisting of homicide, theft, and even, more often, robbery. The emergence of those crimes may end up making our society left in such a chaos, thus posing a threat to our society and its inhabitants. That means, the improvement of drug problem within our society can help discontinue many interwoven crimes fatal to the living quality of our people. Under such circumstances, there is a desperate need for us to perceive the drug problem from this full-scale perspective so that our society can remain intact in the absence of the incursion of pervasive drugs. 







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