Redefine your life


Very often I feel like sending a clear message to my students as to how they should redefine their own lives so that they may possibly turn a new page for their lifestyles considered positive, productive and valuable. The fact shows that oftentimes we are likely to be confined to our own somewhat narrow perspective or biased views while perceiving things, including ourselves and relevant lives. For example, some students, when dealing with their study, may tend to remain careless because of frequent involvement with playing video games. Once able to redefine their own recreational activities and life concept, they may return to the right track, where they may be immune from the encroachment of video games. Thus, the content of next few paragraphs may shed light on you in redefining your own life. 


Expand your own tentacles so that you are not to end up in monotony or tedious repetitious life activities. For example, in dealing with your study, there are a variety of approaches that could be put into effect to give rise to more effective study efficiency. For example, many students fail to fully understand how important it is for them to avail themselves of the precious time of early morning to study English. Right after receiving this imperative, instrumental message, you may start to embark on the expansion of your tentacles to a totally different learning mechanism. This action taken may not merely escalate your learning efficiency, but also help discontinue your sense of monotony in dealing with English. Hence, why not adopt it with your fullest willingness and preparedness?


Remain optimistic so that nothing can constitute the source of your pessimism and depression when you fail to achieve your goal on a temporary basis. However capable we are, we are to be defeated by certain issues for sure, as a result of our unpreparedness and shortage of genuine experiences. To get over this dilemma, what we can fully count on is our optimism that can in effect keep our momentum vibrant in the absence of being eroded by our setback. With the aid of this great element, we may be well shielded from the assault of any failure derived from our performance, for all that we know is that things will and can be better off provided we try even harder. 


Life philosophy, in my view, plays a pivotal role in determining whether we are entitled to enjoy a life distant from anxiety, unproductive lifestyle, and even pessimism featuring hopelessness. For this reason, I did highlight a variety of concepts that deserve to be taken into very careful account so that you may be accessible to a much better lifestyle at length. Only by redefining our own life concept can we rapidly turn ourselves into someone more readily accepted by ourselves. 





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