However beautiful the words you talk about in your mouth, they make little sense if not put into effect.


It is incontrovertible that we all have dreams - except those who are disoriented and give up on themselves. However, our dreams alone are not to give rise to any substantial outcome that can in effect make better our lives. The fact shows that there are countless people preoccupied with unveiling their dreams to not merely themselves but to others. This deed, if not further evolving, is not to make any difference. Thus, I find it fairly encouraging to touch upon this issue in the hope that you may benefit at length.


It is positive that our ideas pop up out of our head; however, provided the ensuing actions are not taken, all the ideas are to end up in an unproductive situation, having little value. It is also undeniable that all the concepts stemming from our minds can pave the way for a much more precise, clear-cut blueprint good enough to spark our interest for having a more prosperous future. But this situation alone cannot contribute to our desired ultimate outcome. That is, there is a desperate need for us to identify the final decisive determinant that can in effect lead to our wanted result. At that point, the importance of our full implementation for our initiative begins to surface and cannot afford to be overlooked by anyone of us who longs to succeed at length. 


Many people remain skeptical about whether to put into effect what they have in mind as their original or amended blueprint. The shortage of confidence and experience may constitute their strong willingness to remain hesitant in terms of taking their actions that outweigh anything else when it comes to acquiring their final success. However, little can we be impeded by this negative concept that is absolutely detrimental to our incentive to fulfill our own dreams. Though likely to encounter undesirable failures or setbacks, we may accumulate our experience and knowledge from them, which may make complete our knowledge indispensable for our wanted success. Only by virtue of this positive concept can we make ourselves fully entitled to access what is called success. 


Inside our society are there so many speakers who are not equipped with strong willingness to execute their own ideas, given that actions involve too much complexity and time-consuming attribute. Perhaps this situation stems from their misconception that the statements addressed by them should be good enough to make them able to stand out merely by making their voice heard. Nevertheless, they are ignorant of how important it is to undertake the task of exercising what they have already addressed. In other words, words, as opposed to actions, seem less vital in determining whether we are accessible to our final success. And that is why I put forward this imperative concept laying stress upon the importance of actions that can be interpreted as the prerequisite for our wanted success. 





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