A letter to my dearest student called Jack


Dear Jack,


This defeat-I think- is not to fully demolish your greatest enthusiasm to become a physician - which I believe has long been your dream. However, this defeat will definitely make it possible for you to fully comprehend that life is not that easy as you thought. That means, we are living in a society where competition is so fierce that we must know how to enhance our knowledge and skills to make ourselves good enough to stand out and be noted. Again, this experience of your recent setback should not constitute any pretext for you to remain discouraged or frustrated. Instead, you must take it for granted that everybody deserves to undergo what is called failure to become more aware of what life is. So, provided you have a look at it from this perspective, you will be more likely to accept this outcome, the emergence of which may help locate your own susceptibility to resolve your problem in the long run.


Your passion toward the medical science may be made possible if more efforts can be made in the upcoming year. Again, time is priceless and moves so rapidly that no time can be wasted if you intend to prevail over this great campaign next year. That is, instead of losing your personal maneuverability, you are strongly recommended to immediately embark on your study. Only by doing this can you subdue those obstacles staying ahead of you for your test to come. Again, never should we be stranded in our previous undesirable event; rather, we have to remain stronger and more willing to confront our forthcoming challenges. From my personal observation, you are definitely good enough to turn out to be the next winner as a medical college student, for you are found steady enough to remain fully preoccupied with what you need to have to enter a medical college. Just trust yourself so that nothing can stay in your way. 


Finally, life is something that cannot be valuable provided in the absence of failures as the very element to testify our potential and perseverance. This invaluable experience will definitely make you better understand what life is really meant to be. That is, we cannot secure a success without going through a thorough struggle or ordeal. Once aware of this life concept, you may take it for granted that you should be proud of yourself and look further into a much more prosperous life in the future. May god bless you.


Steve LIN 





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