Do the right thing


Not well inspired by the phenomenon of nature or universe that causes no harm to the setting, humans are likely to do the wrong thing, instead of doing the right thing. Its impact can be overwhelmingly fatal to our behavior. However, this point has been widely overlooked amongst people. As a consequence, we may possibly end up living in such a chaotic dilemma that each one of us may become victimized on account of our indifference to this situation. For example, those drivers, because of drinking wine, became the killers, which could have been prevented had they done the right thing by complying with the law involved. By the same token, as a student longing for knowledge desperately needed for your robust capability, you ought to do the right thing in terms of study so that you may access fruitful learning result. 


Many people remain reckless in what they do; as a result, they have to pay the price for their errors made. Not merely will this outcome pose a threat to their job performance, but it may keep them unable to be well accepted among people. In light of this, we have to hold ourselves accountable for everything we do with a view to evading such an undesirable consequence detrimental to our relationship with others. In fact, by means of our common knowledge, it is facile for us to comprehend what should be and not be done. However, unfortunately, we may end up in doing something that is contradictory to meticulous thinking. This conspicuously signals that it is our attitude that can eventually determine whether we may do the right thing.  


Another reason that keeps people from doing the right thing is their strong inclination to ask for forgiveness after they have done something wrong. This irresponsible mindset is what keeps us stranded in the abyss of doing the wrong thing. The fact shows that a myriad of people may have been misled by the concept that no one is impeccable. As it turns out, they are bold to ask for excessive forgiveness for their errors made. For example, some killers of car accidents exhibited no sense of guilt, after the event emerged, reflected from their faces. To further modify this dilemma within our society, there is nothing we can do unless we resort to more stringent penalty to make them fully conscious of how important it is for them to do the right thing. Perhaps the torture they have to undertake may serve as a warning for those who tend to be taking the risk of doing the wrong thing. Only by doing this can we enormously reduce the undesirable wrongdoing within our society. 


Doing the right thing can help obtain full homage we deserve from others. On the contrary, doing the wrong thing is to hamper our success in having better acceptance among people. This may subsequently do the damage to our anticipated performance on account of the shortage of others’ support that really matters. Even worse, any wrongdoing engendering legal impact is to lead to more excruciating punishment in the jail, an utmost regret for our life. Thus, to readily elude this tragedy, just bear in mind that “do the right thing” must be embedded in your mind as your invariable motto.




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