Depict something that impressed you quite a lot. In the first paragraph, you are supposed to provide a detailed description regarding this issue. Following this, you ought to further portray the inspiration you received out of this issue. 



It was when I was on my way home few days ago that I beheld something that was considered overwhelmingly impressive to me. That is, a passenger, who was in such a hurry to cross the road without paying sufficient attention to the cars, was hit and unfortunately severely injured. Based on my personal assessment, there was little chance that the victim involved could possibly survive after the occurrence of this tragic event caused by the victim’s recklessness. The car driver made a sudden stop, followed by his quick action to get close to the pitiful victim to see if there was anything he could do for this victim. His anxiety, along with his shock, was shown on his face, making him look like someone who was helpless in grappling with this unexpected event. People in that area began to gather in the very scene simply on account of this curiosity as to what actually occurred over there. 


What actually inspired me most was that I was fully convinced that human’s life is so vulnerable that we have to comprehend how to protect ourselves from being damaged by any reason, whatsoever. More important is that no distraction can be allowed provided we intend to avoid being victimized like such. My perception is that many previous unfortunate events like what has been highlighted above could have been prevented had people remained more circumspect in what they did. Moreover, prevention is better than cure. Any badly injured victim like in this event could hardly recover because of the severity of injury; therefore, instead of relying heavily on remedial actions taken, we have to take a preventive measure. Only by doing this can we live with comfort and stay away from the undesirable outcome like that of the victim indicated above. 











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