Perceive English writing from a far more comprehensive perspective 


Precisely because of its intricacy in terms of its grammars involved, English writing, as we can see, is widely referred to as undesirable among the vast majority of students today. For example, they are found inactive in undertaking the task of writing practice. Thus, unless compelled to do so, they are declined to embark on this activity. As a consequence, they are less likely to be able to prevail over English writing to pave the way for a by far more competent writing skill they long to have. Given this situation, you are highly encouraged to have a distinctive perception for English writing so that you may obtain a drastic change for your learning efficiency in the realm of English writing. 


Stick to the rule that not too much time is spent in dealing with English writing. The reason is that, at the initial stage, too much investment of time without having any concrete effect may quickly engender your sense of disappointment, which may possibly give rise to the collapse of your willingness and enthusiasm in dealing with English writing. Only by doing so can your enthusiasm remain vibrant enough to sort out the complexity of English writing. That is, just let your enthusiasm, a vehicle to keep you moving forward, ferment in such a spontaneous mechanism that your aspiration of learning is not to decline on account of any reason, whatsoever. Simply put, persistence is the key to your ultimate goal. 


The learning of English writing must be accompanied by the exotic learning method of your reading activity, which had been fully implemented by me long time ago. That means, in the course of reading, you may have to locate those typical, outstanding, and persuasive sentences. This deed may lay the foundation for your robust English writing skill. But unfortunately, the vast majority of students today are found incapable of availing themselves of this most efficient way of learning ever found. As a result, they end up employing exactly the same boundary of sentences that make little sense in upgrading their writing skill. In light of this, inherit the above-mentioned conception so that a much more fruitful learning efficiency can be made possible. 


What actually makes Lego so appealing to kids and their parents is the unrestrained boundary of innovation and variations. By the same token, execution of English writing consists of exactly the same attribute, marked by its infinite boundary of application. This positive concept, if grasped, can be instrumental to your learning. And this is why I particularly underscore the importance of altering your concept of learning so that so much more can be achieved with the emergence of your substantial change in learning philosophy. Again, human body does not have any value in the absence of the company of soul, a spiritual facet of concept. As a result, more heed must be paid to your alteration of concept that is even more positive and solution-oriented. 


For a much more proficient English writing skill, I have singled out this topic as my lecture today for all of you. The very reason behind this initiative is to help ensure that you are not to be scared away simply because of your sense of fear and unwillingness to waste your precious time. Again, what can really change our life is very founded on our substantial change in what we do. This concept, if able to be embedded in your mind, can keep you relentlessly pursuing your desired English writing skill envied by others for sure.  





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