Describe one of the predominant problems occurring in our society in your first paragraph. And you should continue to describe how to resolve this problem faced in our society. 


Inundated with the phenomenon of rampant violence, our society is now faced with an unprecedented social disorder in need of our paramount heed and relevant solution. This situation has posed a threat to the safety of our society as well as those who are living there. For example, two people having a tiny car accident together may possibly start to assail each other with brutality, showcasing the very fact that our people are now living in jeopardy and insecurity. This situation, if not harnessed well enough, may continue to deteriorate and do more harm to our people and society simultaneously. As a consequence, people may start wondering when they are to become the next victims. Given this situation, something effective must be done in order to regain a society that is immune from the encroachment of violence. 


To deal effectively with this increasingly deteriorating problem, we have to first assess our society from a much more extensive perspective so as to remain unbiased in seeking the solution to our problem faced. That is, we have to perceive this issue from many vital points of view, such as social, educational and even economic situations. In fact, our society has long laid stress upon the importance of materials and money, looking down upon the importance of virtue and moral concepts. As a consequence, violence began to proliferate and unfortunately has been totally disregarded. For example, our relevant statutes have been found not comprehensive enough to tackle the rapidly deteriorating violent events within our society, thus in need of a full-scale metamorphosis and amendment to meet the needs of our society and people. Thus, imposing a much stricter stipulation seems inevitable to us so as to let those potential criminals of violence reconsider prior to taking their actions. Added with our education that underscores the essence and importance of detesting violence and espousing peace and harmony, the problem of violence can be eventually annihilated. 



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