The consequence of being a loser


It is incontrovertible that nobody wants to turn out to be a loser, a person identified as incapable of having access to a myriad of benefits belonging exclusively to the winners. Nevertheless, provided we engage in a much more profound perception as to what a loser is meant to be, you may be stunned to behold the detrimental consequence of being a loser. Your full awareness with respect to the disadvantages attached to a loser may shed light on you, especially when you are stranded in your own struggle that can make you immune from confronting the repercussion stemming from being a loser.


A loser is likely to lose the privilege of having a moderate sanctuary where he can feel the sense of security. For example, a loser may not even be financially strong enough to buy or rent a house. Exposed to the harsh setting, such as the rigid weather, losers are definitely vulnerable to the declining health because of relatively impoverished condition. In light of this, we cannot afford to lose each precious opportunity to cement our own ability, the function of which can keep us from being victimized as a loser featuring his susceptibility. For this reason, augmenting our own capability must be perceived as our prime concern so that we will never end up becoming a loser.


Dignity, an element necessary for our comfort and recognition as a human, is distant from those losers. That is, they are unable to relish a minimum level of lifestyle, not to mention any prodigal or cosy lifestyle. As a result, bear in mind that to keep our dignity intact, lots of efforts must be made so that we are not to detest ourselves because of the nonexistence of our dignity. What is more, people’s criticisms and looking down upon us are even more unbearable to us. Fully aware of this situation, we have to do whatever we can to defend our own dignity from being damaged. That is, we have to turn out to be someone successful in our own role so that acclamation and appreciation can be adjacent to us. 


Another imperative consequence stemming from being a loser is the isolation that subsequently comes into being. This solitude may in effect make us hopeless. As a result, whenever in need of help or assistance, we may have no one to turn to, a tragic situation indeed. To well prevent this dilemma from occurring, we ought to do whatever we can to make success accessible to us so that we may boldly and confidently associate ourselves with others, rather than being marginalized or even isolated.


As has been manifested above, being a loser can be exceedingly damaging to our life quality. Those drawbacks derived from being a loser mainly consist of isolation, loss of dignity and unavailability of our sanctuary. Thus, instead of pushing ourselves into such a chaotic predicament, we have to keep striving hard enough to let ourselves become a much more capable person. Buttressed by our capability, we may pride ourselves on our success that can definitely distance ourselves from being assaulted by those repercussions as indicated above. 




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