People tend to compare them with others in order that they can become fully aware of either their superiority or inferiority needed for further adjustment. If asked how I perceive people, I would undoubtedly proclaim that it is spirit, as opposed to any other element, that holds an invincible role in determining who we are going to become. Now let me further articulate its attributes, the function of which may in effect embody our strength as we are faced with numerous challenges ahead of us. 


Spirit can help reshape our facial expression, featuring both self-confidence and stamina; as a result, it may be closely linked to people’s initial impression given to them. Our nice impression made available can in turn give rise to others’ further intention to delve into our features and relevant capabilities. This situation, if made available, may come to our aid, especially when it comes to the job market, in which how people perceive us plays a pivotal role in their evaluation on us, especially at the initial stage. For this reason, we must equip ourselves with sufficient spirit desperately needed to leave a positive impression among people to pave the way for a much more desirable situation we long to have. 


On the other hand, our persevere, exuberant spirit may very well help defend ourselves whenever we encounter something undesirable or harmful to us, such as a provisional setback or certain failures. In other words, the spirit we possess may grant us enough energy and determination to go through all the difficulties we confront. Very often it is not our talent or knowledge that can finalize many things we do. Instead, on many occasions we have to resort to our spirit so as to prevail over our difficulties faced. For example, in designing a program, many programmers may have to be reliant on their spirit to defeat the intricacy of programs as a solution to their problem faced. 


Another significant benefit stemming from spirit is our homage derived from others. Our spirit, composed of optimism, energy, and perseverance, may help impress others by giving them the concept that we can be a positive person, rather than a awkward person. Gaining people’s better acceptance and perception about us may pave the way for a much more desirable human relationship among people. This situation will enable us to fulfill our intended objective in the absence of any substantial obstacles on account of our falling short of others’ better acceptance and support. 


Delineated above are those points that may assist us in securing a much more agreeable situation, the function of which is conspicuous. That is, with the emergence of those three major points, respect, better impression and fortitude as a derivative from spirit, we are more likely to relish our life in the presence of less obstacles. As a result, I address this concept today with a view to making you fully aware of how to avail yourselves of your spirit to bring forth a better life. 





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