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Assessment is what I value most. For this reason, I, whenever possible, feel inclined to engage in a thorough analysis regarding whatever I encounter throughout my life. Undertaking my mission as an English writing teacher, I also feel like unraveling some tactics essential to the maturity of my students’ writing skill. To this end, I plan to usher in a feasible framework by which my students may in effect escalate their English writing skill as anticipated. 


Specialty, but not eccentric performance, must be taken into very discreet account with a view to boosting your English writing skill as the cornerstone for your originally intended score. To make this dream possible, you have to, if necessary, undergo a comprehensive transformation with which to totally remove your inferiority in English writing. Here is what you can do to make your ultimate goal accessible to you. To start with, try to identify a series of typical, persuasive sentences as the first step that must be employed within your article. That means, the superior selection of sentences may help lay the foundation for the positive impression of the teachers. By doing so, you may secure the grader’s further intention to locate your uniqueness that can be fully reflected from your presented article. In our ensuing paragraph, I will let you delve into what constitutes a so-called extraordinary sentence, the function of which may make your article better valued and thus granted a much desirable score at length. 


Those good sentences mainly consist of a bit more intricate framework, thus in need of more of your willingness to figure out how to manipulate them at will. Needless to say, they are inclusive of adjective clause, adverbial clause, and, in particular, noun clause. With the presence of them comes your much more exquisite quality that can more or less meet the requirement from the grader. But ironically, a myriad of students are found devoid of this concept; as a consequence, they fail to overwhelmingly impress the grader by availing themselves of those three predominant sentences to make them good enough to stand out as the imperative prerequisite to garner their wanted score. In light of this, there is a desperate need for you to fully grasp how to make use of them so that your article can be composed of exquisiteness and astonishing quality. 


Another issue deserving to be fully noticed is phrases, along with a series of mechanisms of modification that can help make complete your sentences so as to make it readily understood by the grader. This delicacy is what most Taiwanese students are unable to achieve. Thus, strategically speaking, you ought to try to reinforce your capability in this regard so well that you may remain superior to them for the campaign of English writing exam. Nevertheless, in coping with the task of modification, many students are stranded in the predicament of failing to keep the whole sentence fully accurate in terms of grammars. That is why no matter how you wish to modify your sentences involved, you are supposed to remain fully aware of how to position both main clause and subordinate clause. Again, immunity from making errors in grammar is the key to your final ideal score. 





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