Expand your tentacles


Regardless of what we do, it is inevitable that we must have undergone a mechanical or even monotonous lifestyle, which I believe could make us suffocate and hard to breathe. To counter this problem, one of the best ways that we can do is to expand our tentacles as the driving force to deal effectively with our plight as mentioned above. Now let me further manifest why expanding your tentacles seems so imperative to you that you must act accordingly. 


To some extent, people are in need of incentive or driving force to interpret their life pattern as vivid, rather than tedious. With this in mind, our urge to reach out to those things unprecedented to us can be viewed as instrumental to us in the battle against what is called monotony. In fact, many people may tend to perceive the expansion of tentacles as costly and thus feel declined to do this. Instead, they are fully content with what they have been accustomed to, which will give rise to less tension or sense of stress simply as a result of their familiarity with what they have been doing as their job career or daily hobby. Falling short of momentum, they may wind up depicting their life as replete with boredom and worthless. This situation, if not appropriately modified, may in turn make them get fed up with their current lifestyle or even become pessimistic in facing their own lives. 


The deed of expanding your tentacles can make your life more vivid and teem with lots of fascinating experiences. For example, talking to a farmer, as you travel in the country side, may possibly grant you a different perspective to look at how you live. Their readiness and willingness to accept what has been imposed on them can in effect keep us from becoming someone apt to voice his complaints, a source of tension and discontent considered detrimental to human’s health. In light of this, it is absolutely positive in case we may delve into numerous things or activities we have never ever experienced before. Only by doing this can we keep our curiosity toward our life exuberant enough to remain mindless of boredom of life, renowned as fatal to our wholesome mindset. 


Needless to say, hardly can we find any theory contradictory to what has been highlighted above. Beyond that, my personal authentic life philosophy, in which ceaseless expedition toward life remains my prime concern, keeps benefiting me. For example, little will I feel the emergence of boredom or fatigue when going through each hectic day. This situation stems from my incessant quest for countless things that are unprecedented and inundated with infinite enchantment. Under such circumstances, it has been taken for granted that expanding your tentacles is what I long to pass on to you today. 




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