Please others, not yourself.


It is not uncommon that we may very likely tend to protect ourselves - an instinct that can ensure that we may survive well within our society. As a consequence, we may end up becoming self-centered and start to overlook others’ existence and even what they actually need or are devoid of. To well prevent you from becoming one of them featuring both selfishness and apathy toward others, I have singled out this topic peculiarly for my lecture today, hoping that this message to be sent to you may grant you a totally distinctive perspective to look at others and what you can do for them. 


The term employed right here does not necessarily mean your intentional attempt to flatter others. Rather, it simply means that you have to interpret others’ pleasant feeling as your prime objective on each day. Buttressed by this great momentum, you may feel more than willing to please others. The fact shows that rarely do we have to learn how to love ourselves, and that what we have to further delve into is the state-of-the-art concept to view others’ pleasance as our prime concern. Because of this reason, what we have to better understand is how to keep others in their best comfort and wellbeing. Only by virtue of this great conception can we obliterate our tendency to remain self-centered. 


In fact, many of you may possibly be in possession of a misconception that having more things for ourselves is the only means to reflect our authentic value. However, this inaccurate concept, to some extent, may mislead us in terms of locating our own value. The fact shows that we may never figure out how we look in the absence of the reflection of the mirror. By the same token, our genuine value must be reliant on how others perceive us to surface, resulting from another exclusive “mirror” to reflect our value. In light of this, instead of becoming astray, you deserve to behold your own value by means of pleasing others. 


To enormously promote people’s strong willingness to seek their own goals, substantial compensation or benefit that can be made available to us has been highly underscored by many instructors or teachers. Nevertheless, this inappropriate concept may likely encroach upon us and keep us remaining self-centered. In particular, this may subsequently make us mindless of the importance of others. With this in mind, I put forward this concept: “ Please others, not yourself.” with a view to making all of you more aware of what needs to be done for others, rather than for yourselves. 





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